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Different column layouts for different folders


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In Thunderbird I would like to be able to specify different columns to show for
each folder.  For example, I want the recipient column to be displayed in my
Sent folder, but not in my Inbox.  It's not shown by default, but if I enable
that column in my Sent folder it is also enabled in my Inbox and every other folder.

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Go to Sent folder and enable the recipent column to display it.
2. Go to Inbox or any other folder and verify that the recipient column also
shows in that folder.
3. Don't want to show it in every folder, just my Sent folder so I can sort
messages that way.
Actual Results:  
see above.

Expected Results:  
The software should, and this is only a suggestion, keep track of display
settings on a folder-by-folder basis.
Confirming this because I want this feature too.  Specifically, I only want a 
Junk column for mail Inbox, Junk and Trash folders; I only want a Read and Flag 
column for Inbox and News; and I want 'Sender' and 'Recipient' used for most 
Local Folders, but not for Inbox or Sent, etc.

Specific to the original report: There are, in effect, two column 
configurations: one for the Sent, Drafts and Templates folders and one for 
everything else.  However, the differences only apply to the Sender/Recipient 
columns: If 'Sender' is shown in Inbox, 'Recipient' will be shown in Sent, and 
vice versa.  Also, the column widths can vary between the two configurations.

Compare this to bug 234554, which asks for different column configurations only 
between Mail and News.  I think that solution is insufficient.
Ever confirmed: true
Netscape Communicator 4.xx had entries in prefs.js for each folder, box, and
group settings by using CSV to record col and their widths.

FWIW, Mnenhy's FolderStorage does this: <>
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> FWIW, Mnenhy's FolderStorage does this:
> <>
Nice to know. 

I believe this should be a function of the base application as Mike stated in comment #1.  The use of an extension for this is a short term work around in my view.
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see rationale comment 1
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Bug 474701 provides groundwork for this functionality in its "folder display layer" patch.
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for what i see, one can now select different columns on every folder, at least for imap accounts, on 

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Right you are, Raoul.  This is fixed on trunk, so WORKSFORME.
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> Right you are, Raoul.  This is fixed on trunk, so WORKSFORME.

Shouldn't this RFE be closed as Fixed and annotated with the Bug that landed the new feature. 

Also, for the record, the new feature works for News though it is not as flexible as NC4, which provided per-group col setting.
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