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Move To: menu does not contain a "new folder here" option, causing the new folder to be there prior to deciding to move mail.


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In order to move an email to a new folder in the tree, I have to go to the place
in the tree where I would like to put the message and create a new folder FIRST,
then go back to the preview pane and follow down the nested menus until I get to
the place where I created the folder.  Sometimes the folder is there, sometimes
not.  There is no "new folder" option.  If there is a folder, then there is no
right arrow.  There should be two choices at the end of every chain: put message
here, or create new folder.   Better yet, replace the menu style for saving the
message with the add-bookmarks dialog box.

Reproducible: Always
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This is Seamonkey bug 153977
Ever confirmed: true
Eudora has had this feature for years. It's very useful. 
OS: Windows 2000 → All
Hardware: PC → All
Version: unspecified → Trunk
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Amen.   I've needed this since moving from Eudora to Thunderbird and just posted support for its equivalent under SEAMONKEY (since that was the first one of these that I found).
This would be great, also related:
Duplicate of this bug: 618464
See Also: → 475160

I agree with the others on this issue. I have hundreds of folders and sub-folders. A common sub-folder for me -- especially with people/colleagues that I communicate with regularly -- is the year. Of course, then, each year I have to add another sub-folder. But having so many folders and sub-folders makes that difficult to do using the left-side folder menu. It would be so much easier to use 'message->move to' or 'Go ->go to', find the last level of sub-folders and add a new one. I hope that Thunderbird will add this feature. It should also add the ability to colour folders -- this would make it a lot easier to find the folders one is looking for in the huge list of folders.

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