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No option in installer for leaving mail on server!


(Thunderbird :: Account Manager, defect)

Not set


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I may be wrong on this, but I can't see an option for leaving mail on the server
when setting up the initial account. Thus, when you set up the account, the
default is that messages get dragged down off the server, and only once they've
been dragged down off the server can you set the option in the Preferences tab.

So ... I did this on my first install of Linux, my hardware crashed, I had to
completely re-load the whole OS, and lost all my messages! It's not a total
loss, as the messages are backed up somewhere on the server, but it will take my
guys a day to get everything back... any ideas?!

Reproducible: Always
See Suite bug 112356 and bug 231541.
AFAIK for Windows this is fixed (see Bug 270743). Is it still not fixed in TB 1.5?
Keywords: dataloss
from reporter:
I'm running v1.0.6 on PCLinuxOS - is this the latest version?

Latest "stable" is 1.0.7 (but there is no further development for the 1.0 branch except security fixes), but you should try the TB 1.5 RC builds.

TB 1.5 RC

I wounder why do we need this in INSTALLER?
(In reply to comment #4)
> I wounder why do we need this in INSTALLER?
It shouldn't be... there is only a win32 installer and the installer doesn't have any control of the app's operation. At best the app could add command line options and the installer could then call it in which case the majority of the work would be with the app and not the installer.
it wouldn't be the installer - it would be the new account wizard that launches on startup after the first install.
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Component: Installer → Account Manager
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And whether or not both products decide to do it, or only one does with #ifdefs, bug 112356 will do nicely for both, since the code is shared.
Closed: 13 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Duplicate of bug: 112356
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