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13 years ago
Request for an area (eg ) for me to play in. 

I want a set of swings, and a sandpit.. and a slide... :D


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13 years ago
IRC logs so that people who reported bugs that are dependant on this know it might be a while until they get fixed unless someone else takes them. 

[07/04/2006 10:00 PM] * Cameron poinces on morgamic
[07/04/2006 10:00 PM] <Cameron> *pounces
[07/04/2006 10:01 PM] <Cameron> I knwo you're there :P
[07/04/2006 10:01 PM] * Cameron points at his bugmail
[07/04/2006 10:11 PM] <morgamic> Cameron: ahoy matey
[07/04/2006 10:11 PM] <Cameron> morgamic: how about that playground eh?
[07/04/2006 10:11 PM] <morgamic> oh man
[07/04/2006 10:11 PM] <morgamic> how about on saturday?
[07/04/2006 10:12 PM] <morgamic> i think it'd be good to be able to answer questions about the linux env
[07/04/2006 10:12 PM] <morgamic> plus i should probably update the dev guide
[07/04/2006 10:12 PM] <morgamic> to save you time in the long run
[07/04/2006 10:12 PM] <Cameron> morgamic: m'okay, I'll be patience
[07/04/2006 10:12 PM] <Cameron> *patient
[07/04/2006 10:12 PM] <morgamic> in the meantime read this:
[07/04/2006 10:12 PM] <Cameron> I guess I can just rewrite the FAQ with no tags and then tag it up later
[07/04/2006 10:13 PM] <morgamic>
[07/04/2006 10:15 PM] <Cameron> morgamic: yeah already read it briefly. I'm a bit worried about whether I have to like set up and maintain the configuration of it myself, or if I can just get it to copy what's in cvs
[07/04/2006 10:15 PM] <morgamic> that's what i was goign to help you with on saturday
[07/04/2006 10:15 PM] <Cameron> morgamic: eep okay


[11/04/2006 1:19 PM] <Cameron> morgamic: when do you want to work on that playground?
[11/04/2006 1:20 PM] <Cameron> ssdbot: playground bugs
[11/04/2006 1:20 PM] <ssdbot> Cameron: Bug nor, --,, NEW, Request playground for Cameron
[11/04/2006 1:25 PM] <morgamic> hrmm.
[11/04/2006 1:25 PM] <morgamic> Cameron: sorry, we were supposed to do that saturday
[11/04/2006 1:25 PM] <morgamic> doh
[11/04/2006 1:25 PM] <Cameron> morgamic: either you can rewrite the wiki and I can try to follow - you can do that anytime and I can do that anytime... but if we want to be able to talk about it, it's got to be sometime we're both awake heh
[11/04/2006 1:26 PM] <Cameron> morgamic: no big deal, I'm in no rush. from what you told me, it seems you needed the sleep on saturday :P
[11/04/2006 1:27 PM] <clouserw> so ssdbot, what's new?
[11/04/2006 1:27 PM] <ssdbot> added attachment 217981 [details] to bug 333107.
[11/04/2006 1:27 PM] <ssdbot> Bug nor, --, 2.1,, NEW, [Comments] Commenter's name isn't being shown
[11/04/2006 1:27 PM] <clouserw> Oh really?
[11/04/2006 1:27 PM] <clouserw> is that all?
[11/04/2006 1:27 PM] <ssdbot> set the Resolution field on bug 333107 to FIXED.
[11/04/2006 1:27 PM] <clouserw> it just keeps getting better
[11/04/2006 1:28 PM] <Cameron> hehe
[11/04/2006 1:28 PM] <Cameron> timing :D
[11/04/2006 1:28 PM] <morgamic> well, looking at what i'm supposed to be doing -- it'll be thursday before i'll have time 
[11/04/2006 1:28 PM] <morgamic> Cameron: ^
[11/04/2006 1:28 PM] <Cameron> morgamic: thursday your time I'm going away for 4 days, back for one day, then away for like another week or something
[11/04/2006 1:29 PM] <Cameron> so I guess I'll harrass you in two weeks time or so
[11/04/2006 1:29 PM] <morgamic> well
[11/04/2006 1:30 PM] <morgamic> i guess that is fine, then -- since you'd forget everything if we did it today anyway
[11/04/2006 1:30 PM] <morgamic> so i should write the wiki page!
[11/04/2006 1:30 PM] * morgamic kicks himself in the face.
[11/04/2006 1:30 PM] * clouserw is impressed
[11/04/2006 1:30 PM] <Cameron> nice flexibilty
[11/04/2006 1:31 PM] * morgamic does a tah-dah stance, for the judges.
[11/04/2006 1:31 PM] * Cameron holds up a 9
[11/04/2006 1:31 PM] <Cameron> we want blood!
[11/04/2006 1:32 PM] <Cameron> anyway.. if you get the wiki done then it's good for anyone else who might want to come and help
[11/04/2006 1:32 PM] <Cameron> also, with instructions I can google and ask other people for help, rather than discussing it with you, since your time is probably better spent fixing stuff
[11/04/2006 1:33 PM] <morgamic> yeah, that makes sense
[11/04/2006 1:33 PM] <morgamic> some of what is there is still okay, just need to plug in the holes
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13 years ago
Cameron's key should be in there -- so this should be fixed.  Will follow-up on IRC.
Last Resolved: 13 years ago
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