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"Save Page As" menu item is missing "Page"


(Mozilla Localizations :: ko / Korean, defect)

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(Reporter: timr, Assigned: channy)



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1) Open the File menu
2) See the  "Save As" menu item

Present Translation: tharan iramaro chajang (meaning - Save As)
Correct Translation: tharan iramaro page chajang (meaning - Save Page As)

I'll also attach a screen snap.
I'll discussed this one. But, this term passed our own QA. by our policy. So we sublate to use a word of foreign origin if the meaning is recognized.
QA Contact: admin
Can you notice the inconsistency between A and B? IMHO,  we'd better be  consistent by using '페이지를 다른 이름으로 저장' savePageCmd in browser as is done in mail. This is not just for consistency but also for clarity when File menu is opened up in a page with frames. 

While we're at it, we also should add an particle(조사) '를' after '페이지' in '페이지 다른 이름으로 저장' (for mail). 

browser/chrome/browser/browser.dtd:<!ENTITY savePageCmd.label "다른 이름으로 저장...">
browser/chrome/browser/browser.dtd:<!ENTITY saveFrameCmd.label "프레임을 다른 이름으로 저장...">
browser/chrome/browser/browser.dtd:<!ENTITY saveLinkCmd.label "링크를 다른 이름으로 저장...">
browser/chrome/browser/browser.dtd:<!ENTITY saveImageCmd.label "그림을 다른 이름으로 저장...">

mail/chrome/communicator/contentAreaCommands.dtd:<!ENTITY savePageAsCmd.label          "페이지 다른 이름으로 저장...">
mail/chrome/communicator/contentAreaCommands.dtd:<!ENTITY saveFrameAsCmd.label         "프레임을 다른 이름으로 저장...">
mail/chrome/communicator/contentAreaCommands.dtd:<!ENTITY saveLinkAsCmd.label          "링크를 다른 이름으로 저장...">
mail/chrome/communicator/contentAreaCommands.dtd:<!ENTITY saveImageAsCmd.label         "그림을 다른 이름으로 저장...">
I changed mail's "Save Page As" to same of brower's. If I directly translate this term, it's "다른 이름으로 페이지 저장". But I think it's bug. If there is image file on window, it must be "다른 이름으로 그림 저장". I think it must be changed "File->Save Page As" to "File->Save As" in en-US locales. I'll file the bug.
(In reply to comment #4)
> I think it must be changed "File->Save Page As" to "File->Save As" in
> en-US locales. I'll file the bug.

Exactly! See bug #352259. 

Bugs for this issue are already filed:
 * Bug #171515 -- seamonkey
 * Bug #335167 -- firefox
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