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'Save Page As...' should be 'Save Image As...' when viewing an image (or 'Save As...')


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When viewing an image the File menu reads 'Save Page As...' it should read 'Save Image As...'

IE gets around this by using 'Save As...' for everything, which would be easier to implement but not as descriptive.

The equivalant for Seamonkey is Bug 171515
Axel, please check it out. Bug 352245 is related to this one in l10n ko.
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The sibling of this Firefox bug, Seamonkey bug 171515, also notes the same problem for text documents PDF files, etc.
One solution (mentioned in Bug 352245), is to change it to "Save As..." instead of having to detect types and things with "Save <type> As..." and all its' localised equivalents.
Summary: File --> 'Save Page As...' should be 'Save Image As...' when viewing an image → 'Save Page As...' should be 'Save Image As...' when viewing an image (or 'Save As...')
I would like to fix this bug
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> I would like to fix this bug

If you want to work on this bug, I recommend that you look into the documentation to become familiar with Mozilla development:

If you have specific questions about writing this patch, you can ask here.
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I have changed the label "Save Page As..." to "Save As..."
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Proposed patch

Thanks for the patch! Sorry it took us so long to notice :(

When changing strings, it's necessary to also change the entity name so that localizers can detect the change. So that means you would also need to change "savePageCmd.label" to e.g. "saveCmd.label", and update other references to it in browser-appmenu, browser-context, etc.

But before moving further with patching, let's see whether UX folks have an opinion on this bug.
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This should apply to video and audio files, since there are dedicated strings for those too.

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