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extra space in info text in updater (between text and ellipsis) ex: "a few moments ..."



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12 years ago
12 years ago


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extra space in info text in updater (between text and ellipsis)  ex:  "a few moments ..." 

This comes from bug #305390

for tbird, the string is in:

/mail/locales/en-US/updater/updater.ini, line 4 -- Info=Thunderbird is installing your updates and will start in a few moments ...

for firefox, the string is in:

/browser/locales/en-US/updater/updater.ini, line 4 -- Info=Firefox is installing your updates and will start in a few moments ...

I don't think we want the space between moments and ..., right?

assigning to beltzner for string ui-r.
Created attachment 239446 [details]
screen shot from tbird
Severity: normal → trivial

Comment 2

12 years ago
Yeah that space doesn't look right. Thunderbird isn't under a string freeze so I can still fix this for thunderbird if beltzner says it's ok.


12 years ago
OS: Mac OS X 10.3 → All
Hardware: PC → All
scott, see bug #353679 for the same issue, but for firefox

Comment 4

12 years ago
Created attachment 239782 [details] [diff] [review]
proposed fix for thunderbird

removes the extra space before "..."
Attachment #239782 - Flags: review?(mscott)

Comment 5

12 years ago
Comment on attachment 239782 [details] [diff] [review]
proposed fix for thunderbird

I'll check this in. Thanks for the patch!
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Attachment #239782 - Flags: review+
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Comment 6

12 years ago
fixed on the branch and trunk. Thanks Magnus!
Last Resolved: 12 years ago
Keywords: fixed1.8.1
Resolution: --- → FIXED

Comment 7

12 years ago
Happy to see this change. However, and it may sound weird, so far I've found this space to be useful for the nl locale (at least possibly, and for some platforms) as its string was almost too wide to fit the pane, which seems to have a fixed width. To be precise: chances now are that the last word including the dots move to a next non-displayable line for this locale, while otherwise only the dots would, making it look less bad or not even be noticed. (See attachment 219867 [details] from another bug to get an impression)

Considering the fact this 'solution' was critical anywyay, but even more because several locales appear to be using strings here that are even longer than the one for nl, I'd like to see the current pane either to be made a little wider, higher (capable of showing 2 lines), auto-resizing, or its width made localizable. Is this worth a new bug or is it best to add this comment to bug 324758, even though nobody is working on that yet?
Ton, see bug #336528: "software update installation progress dialog doesn't stretch to fit contents (cut short, text is truncated)"
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