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Meta: Improve accessibility in ChatZilla


(Other Applications :: ChatZilla, enhancement)

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(Keywords: access)

Currently chat output is entirely in-accessible, but even if we change that, making chat really accessible (as in, make users not get really pissed at what/how their screenreader treats the output) is a challenge. I will be working on trying to overcome that challenge in a reasonable fashion for the coming months. I've got a proposal with some formal ideas, which I will link from as soon as I've finished some paperwork and all. Otherwise, look at the dependent bugs to get an idea of what sort of things I will be doing.

Feel free to comment on this bug if you have questions, though IRC might be quicker and/or easier.
Depends on: 370760
Depends on: 252848
Depends on: 374679
Depends on: 374977
Depends on: 376728, 380204
Version: unspecified → Trunk
Depends on: 315913
Depends on: 400066
Depends on: 404881
Depends on: 408596
Depends on: 414656
Blocks: 418405
No longer blocks: 418405
Depends on: 418405
Depends on: 422059
Depends on: 422060
Depends on: 431706
Depends on: 423626
Depends on: 472803
Depends on: 496097
QA Contact: samuel → chatzilla
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Assignee: gijskruitbosch+bugs → nobody
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