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Filter which moves messages from IMAP account to Local Folder prevents new mail alert


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I have filters which automatically move my email from my IMAP account to my Local Folders: ever since TB 2.0, I no longer get the New Mail Alert for those emails. This has been reproduced on other systems. This did not happen with TB 1.5, and does not happen with email which is received on a POP account set to use Local Folders.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create a filter on an IMAP account which moves messages from the IMAP Inbox to some Local Folders' folder
2. Receive an email on IMAP account which is filtered
3. No alert will occur
Actual Results:  
No alert was activated

Expected Results:  
Alert should have popped up
Duplicate of this bug: 378584
In Mozilla 1.6/1.7 I used to get a "You have got 0 new messages" for the above scenario.
Why has this become "unconfirmed"?
This is the case on all TB 2.x i know in this case (linux, icedove, windows, ...) and is really a pain!
Have you tried This looks like a dup of bug 206679.
hey Yannack, I have the same problem like You. Sorry My name is Edson, its the first time that i enter to this web site. 

So i'll be interesting in fix this bug... !!! 

or do Something 

I am still on of IceDove, but colleagues here on of ThunderBird still have the issue. Apparently the fix to bug 206679 didn't fix this bug...
Thanks though for the reply!
Oh So How this problem can be resolved. 

I have the same problem, no popup message ! 

Any solution for that ?? pleaseee
Duplicate of this bug: 404543
v2.0.0.8 - Problem still present.
Confirmed on windows /
Assignee: mscott → nobody
Ever confirmed: true
I have this problem as well, although I don't use IMAP (TB
I set up a filter rule to move all new mails with a certain subject from the inbox of my second account to a subfolder of my local folder.
The following happens when a mail matching that rule is sent to the second account:
1. No notification is shown. (WRONG)
2. Sound is played (correct)
3. Tray icon shows up (correct)
4. Tooltip of tray icon shows name of 2nd account (WRONG in my opinion, should say "local folder")
5. The subfolder is marked with one new mail (correct)
6. Even after marking that mail as read, the tray icon stays (WRONG)
7. The symbol of the second account shows unread mails (WRONG, as there are none)
To solve 6. and 7. for that mail, I have to click on the inbox of my second account.
Dup of 228168?
Blocks: 228168
Bug 228168 comment 24 indicates this is a regression of fixing bug 275561
Blocks: 275561
Component: General → Filters
Product: Thunderbird → MailNews Core
QA Contact: general → filters
I still see this problem in v3.0b2, and I would love to see a fix :)
Flags: wanted-thunderbird3?
Problem is still present in v2.0.0.22. Correction is really expected for this bug. Thanks in advance .
Problem still there in TB 3 RC1
A fix would be appreciated a lot :)
In may corporate environment, IMAP is the only available option. And this small but highly useful feature is really a miss, there.
I vaguely remembering looking at this bug while I was addressing some other new flag issues, and deciding at the time that the solution was more complex than just adjusting some count or flag somewhere. But there has been other work since then to improve some of the the management of the new flag, so perhaps I should look at it again.
Just ran into this problem today; if I make a filter for message with subject "test" that moves the email to a local folder I don't get a new mail alert. If I disable this filter I do get the new mail alert. Hope someone can fix this (long existing) bug.

Question: why is the "Status: ASSIGNED" and "Assigned To: Nobody"
(In reply to comment #19)
> Question: why is the "Status: ASSIGNED" and "Assigned To: Nobody"

Because somehow my adding my name did not take.
Assignee: nobody → kent
Duplicate of this bug: 541389
I noticed some weird behavior that fits better to the description of bug #228168 but since that one leads here i'm posting here about it:
There was at least 4 notifications of "0 new mail" for two accounts i use (one imap, one pop) and all messages are filtered and placed to local folders other than 'inbox". I'm using Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686 (x86_64); el; rv: Gecko/20100310 Lanikai/3.1b2pre and so far it had not failed on that, notifying me for the correct number of new mails no matter the account type.
What i think is a little weird is that it failed while my ethernet cable was accidentally out of the jack and my laptop had switched to some random wireless network. Could not reproduce it on my normal ethernet line.
Duplicate of this bug: 522690
xref Bug 365982 - Filter action "Download message body" prevents notification of new message
Duplicate of this bug: 523800
Blocks: biff
No additional work, so I've reset assignee.
Assignee: kent → nobody
Flags: needinfo?(kent)
Anyone still see this problem?
So I just tested this and yeah, I still see it.  I set up a filter on my main account to move a message from a secondary account to a pre-existing local folder, sent a message from the secondary account, the message arrived and was moved as expected, but no notification.

Yes, I still see the problem - or at least the problem of '0 new messages' (the cause might not be a filter) - on Thunderbird 60.4.0, on Windows 8.1 x64. The problem makes the new mail icon fairly useless.

Flags: needinfo?(mcow)

(In reply to najoll from comment #30)

Yes, I still see the problem - or at least the problem of '0 new messages' (the cause might not be a filter) - on Thunderbird 60.4.0, on Windows 8.1 x64. The problem makes the new mail icon fairly useless.

You flag me for 'needinfo' and ask no question?

Flags: needinfo?(mcow)
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