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Newsgroup rearrangements: web developer hierarchy


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10 years ago
7 years ago


(Reporter: gerv, Assigned: justdave)



(Whiteboard: waiting for information requested in comment 5)



10 years ago
From mozilla.governance on 2007-04-17 (but I dropped it on the floor):

- Kill (with discussion moving to m.w-d.general)
- Kill the other groups created in bug 324790:
- Resurrect mozilla.web-developers.general for web developers

Any volunteers for the moderator job for mozilla.web-developers.general?

Is this something that would fall under the MDC realm?
The web-developers-general mailing list has been created on Mailman.  I can set up the moderator as soon as we have a volunteer.

Tickets have been filed with both Giganews and Google for the (re-)creation of mozilla.web-developers.general.

I will hold off on requesting the deletion of the other 5 groups pending the creation of mozilla.web-developers.general and a few days for people to migrate.
Whiteboard: waiting on Giganews/Google
Sadly, yes, I should be made moderator of that.

Fortunately it's about 99.99995% periodically clearing out the backlog of spam attempts. :)
mozilla.web-developers.general is now live on  The Mailman list has been made public.

Still waiting on Google Groups.  I'll wait on the group on Google Groups going live before proceeding with the deletes.
Whiteboard: waiting on Giganews/Google → waiting on Google and pending deletes
OK, mozilla.web-developers.general is once again allowing posting on Google Groups.

How much warning to we want to give people on the migrating groups to move before we nuke them?  And do the groups other than dev-tech-css have better places to send them or should all of those groups be directed towards web-developers-general?
Whiteboard: waiting on Google and pending deletes → pending deletes
Still waiting for answers to comment 5 before proceeding here.
Whiteboard: pending deletes → waiting for information requested in comment 5

Comment 7

10 years ago
A week is long enough warning IMO. All group members should be directed to ask their questions in mozilla.web-developers.general.


Comment 8

9 years ago
I think we sorted all this out eventually.

Last Resolved: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
The newsgroups in comment 0 have not been removed. Should we re-open or file a new bug?

Comment 10

7 years ago
Chris: AFAICS, and are still there, but the rest are gone. Can you confirm that? If so, please open a new bug.


Okay, filed bug 555583.
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