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SeaMonkey Windows tinderbox (sea-win32-tbox) broken


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Windows Vista


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Looks like the SeaMonkey Windows tinderbox was switched to a dep build two days ago, so far so good. But since then the box has only been red, orange and yellow. The last Windows nightly for SeaMonkey is from the 10th of July, it would be nice to have Windows nightlies again...
The brokenness happened somehow when duing the switch from the cltbld user to the seabld user for bug 365662

Since then, coop has been working hard on finding out what's going on.
Build start with windows that have invisible content on that machine, even Firefox trunk builds from different build tinderboxen, Firefox build work though. The builds from sea-win32-tbox work on other machines though (which doesn't help much when the machine itself can't run tests to verify that automatically).

The situation is really weird.

There might be some connection with VC8, but also not sure about that.

If only we had a new ref platform image with MozillaBuild and VC8SP1 already, I'm in a state where I'd happily request to wipe out the current install of that machine for a clean image like that and start it over from scratch.
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Summary: SeaMonkey Windows tinderbox (sea-win32-tbox) broken? → SeaMonkey Windows tinderbox (sea-win32-tbox) broken
Things aren't getting better. After hearing that tpol (which is building successfully) was running VS 2005 SP1, I tried applying SP1 to the VM, but there isn't enough space on the primary disk for the SP1 to unpack and install cleanly. The install has failed several times now, but that failure process seems to have left Visual Studio in a franken-state.

I'm going to continue to try to get the SP1 install to finish any way I can tonight, but if that does not work, I'll get you a new Win32 trunk ref tomorrow. We haven't built a MozillaBuild or SP1 image yet, so it would likely just be a clone of fx-win32-tbox (or equiv).
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I've setup a temporary SeaMonkey trunk build on fxexp-win32-tbox until we get this resolved.
The replacement SeaMonkey build I setup on fxexp-win32-tbox failed in the same way as on sea-win32-tbox, i.e. window appears, but no rendered chrome or content.

I'm going to start trying to find a regression window for this.
I've gone as far back as we have nightlies on (2007-05-16), and none of these SeaMonkey nightlies display content. This includes nightlies designated as 1.5a and 2.0a1pre (the change happened on 20070529).

I'm wondering whether this bug is specific to our tinderbox environment. I pulled a build (not a nightly) from sea-win32-tbox -- windows server 2003, same as on fxexp-win32-tbox -- that would not display content locally, and content renders fine on my Win XP box.
Some people who have filed bugs run SeaMonkey on Win2k3. They filed bugs on various things though, not on the complete UI being broken. The only bug I could spot was Bug 369087, which is a bit similar, but not the same.

Thanks for your hard work so far!
Maybe the tests should just be disabled for now? No good solution, I know but better than no nightlies. Also there a few other tinderboxen around which do the basic tests.
I temporarily disabled tests on the box, leaving the bug open though so we can look for a real solution when coop is back.
When I logged into the machine today, I couldn't reproduce the non-visible UI problem. I found out that somehow SeaMonkey didn't like startup-test.html being a (sym)link and didn't resolve the .lnk file to the target. When I copied startup-test.html to the tinderbox directory and turned on tests again, everything went back to working normally.

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