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Advanced prefpane tabs can be cropped due to the WIDTH being too small


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Noticed when fixing bug 283697.

Set Windows OS theme to Windows Classic (probably can be done in the default theme as well).
Change the Message Box font size from 8 to 7.
Preferences > Content > 'Fonts & Colors' > Colors 
is also cropped from the right (width)
Please file a new bug for that issue
This is the exact same bug as bug 304605... it was just always cropped on Mac OS X when using the default font size, etc. whereas with Windows you have to modify the default.
Duplicate of this bug: 408978
When setting both of following configuration,
 this bug can be reproduced on Windows XP japanese with Default Theme (Luna).

(1) intl.menuitems.alwaysappendaccesskeys="true"
(2) intl.menuitems.insertseparatorbeforeaccesskeys="true"
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It is reproduced on 
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.9b3pre) Gecko/2007121805 Minefield/3.0b3pre

Currently there is autoresizing of "height" of pref panes in firefox3 which was implemeted in bug 283697. Can something similar be implemented so we can have autoresizing in "width" as well?
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I looked into this when you last asked this and I can see no reasonable way to do so. It would be much simpler to just redesign that specific tab in the advanced prefpane as was done for Mac OS X.
Duplicate of this bug: 440451
i can see this with winxp/classic too -> OS: All
OS: Windows Vista → All
I am on Firefox 3.0.3 running the latest version of Leopard and most of my preference panes are cropped at the bottom. Also the pane that comes up when I close down Firefox that asks if I want to clear my cache etc. is cropped at the bottom so I can only just see a little of the top of the buttons.
Depends on: 394299
Meh... this bug does not depend on Bug 394299... Bug 394299 has to do with height and this bug has to do with width
No longer depends on: 394299
Summary: Advanced prefpane tabs can be cropped → Advanced prefpane tabs can be cropped due to the WIDTH being too small
Duplicate of this bug: 516731
Good to see movement in this bug, Robert! ;-)

Third party themes suffer a lot with this. The only way authors have to fix the problems is overriding the width value from prefwindow, but since this is a l10n string, it's impossible to preview how the prefwindow will look on different languages.
Hey Pardal, I wasn't planning on fixing this due to other work in my queue. I suspect a patch that removed the ifdefs so the changes in bug 304605 applied to all platforms might be acceptable if anyone wants to take this
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