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popup menus for <select>s don't have a native popup menu appearance


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The appearance of the form-elements themselves look like native cocoa-elements in Gran Paradiso (finally), but the select-dropdown does not look like it should in OS X (tiger).

Will this be implemented before the final version, or are there no plans to change the (odd ) dropdown?

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open any select-box
2. Open any select-box in Camino/Safari or any other OS X application to see how it is supposed to look.
Actual Results:

Expected Results:  
Should show native dropdown (semitransparent rounded in OS X Leopard).

I do understand that this is not about skinning the box so that it looks like it does in OS X, and that Camino and Safari probably use the elements in some native way that Gran Paradiso does not. But I was wondering if it is possible / probable that the dropdowns will be implemented the 'right' way before final release.
Sindre, is the rounded look for popup menus only in Leopard, or is it in Tiger too?  I don't see it in Tiger, but I might not be looking in the right place.

Josh, do you know whether we're planning to fix the transparency and rounding for 1.9?  (I assume we're not planning to change the dropdown menu into an in-place popup menu.)
No, I don't believe it's rounded in Tiger, and that is part of the problem. It seems that GranParadiso for mac has menus/contextmenus etc that match the Tiger-look, but looks out of place in Leopard.

Atleast, if you will not use native cocoa-menus (for selectbox), make it a little more mac-like than it is now with the black/white shadowy borders etc :-)
Summary: Incomplete integration of native cocoa-widgets (select-box) → [10.5] Incomplete integration of native cocoa-widgets (select-box)
No I am running on Tiger 10.4 and it's incorrect there too.  It doesn't look like the developers have implemented the native dropdowns from the OS yet.

One of the key improvements in Firefox 3 for many mac users will be its use of native widgets.  So far with every nightly build this is the first thing I check.  I certainly hope that this gets fixed soon.

Attached image comparison (to safari)
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> Created an attachment (id=293458) [details]
> comparison (to safari)

That comparison is from Tiger. The biggest difference in style is with Leopard (which is shown in the first attachment).
Duplicate of this bug: 441070
is anyone working on this bug?

if so,  please let me know how i can help.
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Seems like this is one of the few remaining things that really stands out as non-native on OS X... We should really try to fix this for 1.9.2, IMO.
Flags: blocking1.9.2?
Blocks: 492718
See also bug 430745, on which this probably depends, about the position/height (i.e., layout) part of this; the preference in that bug seems to be for making this bug cover the native theming of the appearance of the menu once layout had the positioning working. Hopefully the new summary better expresses that?
Depends on: 430745
Summary: [10.5] Incomplete integration of native cocoa-widgets (select-box) → popup menus for <select>s don't have a native popup menu appearance
Flags: wanted1.9.2+
Flags: blocking1.9.2?
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Keywords: polish
Duplicate of this bug: 564157
Will there be a fix sometime?  This is annoying for Mac OS X users...
Some time, yes. At the moment necessary groundwork is being in bug 558072.
Duplicate of this bug: 597431
This is still not fixed in Firefox 4.0 nightlies.
OS: Mac OS X → All
Duplicate of this bug: 649584
This is still not fixed in Aurora (5.0a2)
For reference, capture of Safari vs Firefox 4:
I don't think anyone's working on this, not even a WIP, no, which is sad.
Because although it's subtle, it gives a great deal of non-nativeness to Firefox on Mac.

We can only hope that someone may get really bored in his/her tea break and finally want to take a look at this, thanks a million to whoever that's gonna be...
Depends on: 674443
I'm noodling around with this and bug 430745.  If someone who knows what they're doing is actively working on it, please feel free to take it.
Assignee: nobody → adw
(In reply to Drew Willcoxon :adw from comment #20)
> I'm noodling around with this and bug 430745.  If someone who knows what
> they're doing is actively working on it, please feel free to take it.

I have a patch that more or less fix the issue on Linux but there is a small bug to fix in addition of making things worse on MacOS. I looked at what was happening on MacOS but wasn't able to find why we are not using the native theme for the dropdown. If you can find what is happening here we could try to find a fix that would work for all systems.
(In reply to Mounir Lamouri (:volkmar) (:mounir) from comment #21)
> I have a patch that more or less fix the issue on Linux [...]

See bug 674443.
(In reply to Drew Willcoxon :adw from comment #20)
> I'm noodling around with this and bug 430745.


zpao has been working on some Cocoa things recently, he might be a good local source of help lest ye be needing it.
Any progress? :-)
I side with Steven Michaud and ask: Any progress in this issue? *nudge* :-)
Any progress in this issue? :)
No, and I'm not working on this anymore.
Assignee: adw → nobody
Quick update: Looks like Bug 674443 has some preliminary work going on, according to Bug 674443 Comment 0, Mounir Lamouri will then go on fixing this bug.
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Note that this bug is actually fixed for users with e10s enabled.

Users without e10s can force enable that mode by setting dom.select_popup_in_parent.enabled to true - though I don't believe we've ironed all of the bugs out of it yet (especially accessibility-wise).
I'm still seeing this bug on Firefox 57. Notable examples include (when logged out) and the "Create a new AWS Account" page on AWS.
Ah, sorry, the popup menu itself has the correct appearance. It's the <select> element that looks like it's from Windows 95.
It's actually Windows 3.1, I think :)  This may seem trivial but it makes Firefox seem less polished given that many, many sites show partially restyled select inputs.  A good example is the default Bootstrap select style -- Just taking away the gray "3D" button would work.  (And maybe remove or give a proper way via CSS to restyle the dotted focus rectangle.)  Is there another existing bug for this?
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