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Use current version of 7-Zip: 4.42 -> 4.65


(Firefox Build System :: MozillaBuild, task)

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Suggestion: use the latest version of 7-Zip in MozillaBuild.  

The current (at this writing) v4.57, which is newer than the version found in MozillaBuild v1.1, compresses and decompresses faster than older versions.
MozillaBuild v1.3 includes
7-Zip 4.42  Copyright (c) 1999-2006 Igor Pavlov  2006-05-14
Summary: Use current version of 7-Zip → Use current version of 7-Zip: 4.42 -> 4.57
Summary: Use current version of 7-Zip: 4.42 -> 4.57 → Use current version of 7-Zip: 4.42 -> 4.65
Severity: normal → trivial
7-zip is now used for Windows Mobile build as well, and using the latest version of the archiver (4.65, or 9.07 Beta) instead of 3+ years old v4.42 shaves off about 300KB from the installer size, which is noticeable on a mobile device.
Are there any reasons not to switch to the latest version?
No, there just weren't any compelling reasons given to do so. Rebuilding MozillaBuild is a bit of a pain, and then getting it updated on the build slaves is more work yet, so I don't generally update software without compelling reasons.
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4.65 is apparently buggy, and breaks installer repacks: bug 711309. See, this is why we don't like to update things just for the sake of updating them.
Blocks: 711309
This was backed out in bug 763019.
Resolution: FIXED → WONTFIX
Product: → Firefox Build System
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