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single folder saved search folders no longer work


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suddenly, all my search folders no longer work.
I can edit their options (what they should match and where they should search), but opening them results in thunderbird querying the imap server for a folder named the same as my search folder.

The same happens with newly crated search folders.

Reproducible: Always
This is a regression from Bug 436718. It seems to only affect single-folder searches, so if you add another folder to your searches they should start to work. 
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Moving to better component...
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yeah, that's exactly what I suspected :-( I'll see if I fix it...
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Summary: search folders no longer work → single folder saved search folders no longer work
we're now passing in the saved search virtual folder uri to nsMsgQuickSearchDBView::Open, and I think we should be passing in the underlying real folder, which the view will then search over. Venkman time...
ok, I have a fix for this, but I'm going to look at tweaking the code so that it's clearer what's going on
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this takes a stab at documenting what's going on so that this will be less likely to break in the future.

It also fixes a bug where for a single folder saved search, we were showing the name of the underlying folder in the title bar, not the name of the saved search.
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proposed fix

Works fine, and thanks to the documentation, now I even understand what's going on. This is clearly a situation that calls for insane nit-picking!

>+ * @param   folder                - if viewFolder is a single folder saved 
>+                                  - search, this folder is the scope of the 
>+                                  - saved search, the real, underlying folder. 

Trailing whitespace on all three lines, first should start with a capital If.

>+        // realFolder will get set to the underlying folder the 

Trailing whitespace.

>+                      //make msgFolder point to the real folder, not the virtual folder, so that
>+                      //we pass the real folder into ChangeFolder.

Spaces after //s, start with a capital.

Thanks for the explanation, r=philringnalda
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This now works again for me...

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