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Implement CSAT support for Live Chat


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Attached patch CSAT support for Fastpath, v1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This adds CSAT support to Fastpath Webchat.  There are still a few things to implement (see the TODO comments in the source), but they are relatively minor:

1) I need to add a preference to the Fastpath Openfire plugin (not webchat) to specify a salt for CSAT.  This will be passed to the Webchat plugin on startup via a presence message.  For now, a salt is hardcoded in the patch.

2) The "chomp" routine for dealing with data that makes the URL too long can chomp too much with percent escaped characters and multibyte characters.  I need to detect these and remove the right number of characters in these cases, rather than removing liberally.

For testing, here's a sample URL generated by this patch:
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CSAT support for Fastpath, v1

So...Java is rusty :)  but this looks ok.  I do have one question though.
 Why do we need to chomp the data before hashing?  SHA-1 should return a consistent length hash regardless of the length of the input string.  

You might like to get an additional review from say, Eric, or somebody with more Java fu, but it's optional.
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I made comments in the other bug, but this patch changes the link structure slightly. I've already updated the tikiwiki patch, and tested it on my local dev instance. Both links worked fine with it.
Attached patch Updated patchSplinter Review
This is an updated patch with fixes to some issues I found during testing, and with user interface changes that we decided to make.  I have already verified that hashes generated with this patch work on support-stage - see the example link below.

List of changes:

*Fixed a bug in the chomping procedure that resulted in way too much chomping.  The chomping procedure is needed to prevent CSAT URLs from being too large.  Some users provide very long questions or nicknames.

*Changed the main chat page to always redirect to the transcript page when a chat ends, even if the "End Chat" button wasn't checked.

*The salt is now configured in the admin panel for each workgroup, under "Text".  Currently, the salt in attachment 352652 [details] is configured on sm-chat01.

*Various UI changes.  The feedback page is loaded in the background as soon as the transcript is loaded, the checkbox on the transcript page is eliminated, and the wording has changed.  If the background window/tab has been closed, the CSAT page appears as a link.

Example link created with this patch, complete with "chomping":
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