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tracking bug for build and release of Thunderbird 3.0 Beta 2


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Thunderbird 3.0b2


(Reporter: clarkbw, Assigned: clarkbw)




(Whiteboard: [no l10n impact][target release])


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cloned bug 467363 from the beta1 release
Flags: blocking-thunderbird3+
Depends on: 477097
Depends on: 477107
Depends on: 477110
Depends on: 477222
Whiteboard: [no l10n impact]
Whiteboard: [no l10n impact] → [no l10n impact][target release]
Candidate revisions from last night nightlies:

comm-central:  <>
mozilla-1.9.1: <>
dom-inspector: <>

Signoff by release driver (or a driver) please.
as far as I can tell, looks good.  We have all of the patches in comm-central and mozilla-central that I know we want.

Updating comm-central's revision to include KaiRo's latest landing for bug 478913 

comm-central:  <>
Depends on: 479011
We've now included a test case fix for bug 479011 and there will be some follow-up investigation post b2, hence removing from the blocker list.

Current revision for comm-central:

comm-central:  <>
No longer depends on: 479011
Created release branch (COMM_20090224_RELBRANCH) and tagged for build 1 (THUNDERBIRD_3_0b2_BUILD1)
Depends on: 479011
CVS Tagged
Depends on: 479123
Source tarball is here:


MD5(thunderbird-3.0b2-source.tar.bz2)= 00593b8abc6763a7a90ad02bc2ce227b
SHA1(thunderbird-3.0b2-source.tar.bz2)= cf4510fe8fe948723cfe959447f8ab47af407fdc
(actually, source tarball is *being* uploaded right now, so it will take 6 more minutes to somplete, sorry.
RC1 builds are in progress on all platforms
Depends on: 479162
Linux Build is ready:


SHA!(thunderbird-3.0b2.en-US.linux-i686.tar.bz2) = 573ec6894fb01cd31705ada14ca021db5c1a120
Mac OS X Build is ready:


SHA1(thunderbird-3.0b2.en-US.mac.dmg) = 
make installer on win32 broke, probably because it hasn't been tested with --enable-official-branding recently:

make[3]: Leaving directory `/e/builds/releases/3.0b2/1/objdir/mail/installer'
/local/bin/make instgen/setup.exe
make[3]: Entering directory `/e/builds/releases/3.0b2/1/objdir/mail/installer/windows'
rm -f -rf instgen && mkdir instgen
for i in nsis/installer.nsi nsis/uninstaller.nsi nsis/shared.nsh ; do \
          iconv -f UTF-8 -t UTF-16LE /e/builds/releases/3.0b2/1/comm-central/mail/installer/windows/$i | \
            cat /e/builds/releases/3.0b2/1/comm-central/mozilla/toolkit/mozapps/installer/windows/nsis/utf16-le-bom.bin
- > \
            instgen/`basename $i`; \
/d/mozilla-build/moztools/bin/nsinstall /e/builds/releases/3.0b2/1/comm-central/mail/installer/windows/app.tag instgen
for i in branding.nsi ; do \
          iconv -f UTF-8 -t UTF-16LE ../../../mozilla/dist/branding/$i | \
            cat /e/builds/releases/3.0b2/1/comm-central/mozilla/toolkit/mozapps/installer/windows/nsis/utf16-le-bom.bin
- > \
            instgen/$i; \
iconv: ../../../mozilla/dist/branding/branding.nsi: No such file or directory
/d/mozilla-build/moztools/bin/nsinstall ../../../mozilla/dist/branding/wizHeader.bmp ../../../mozilla/dist/branding/wizH
eaderRTL.bmp ../../../mozilla/dist/branding/wizWatermark.bmp instgen
nsinstall: ..\..\..\mozilla\dist\branding\wizHeader.bmp: No such file or directory^M
nsinstall: ..\..\..\mozilla\dist\branding\wizHeaderRTL.bmp: No such file or directory^M
nsinstall: ..\..\..\mozilla\dist\branding\wizWatermark.bmp: No such file or directory^M
make[3]: *** [instgen/setup.exe] Error 3
make[3]: Leaving directory `/e/builds/releases/3.0b2/1/objdir/mail/installer/windows'
make[2]: *** [installer] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory `/e/builds/releases/3.0b2/1/objdir/mail/installer/windows'
make[1]: *** [installer] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/e/builds/releases/3.0b2/1/objdir/mail/installer'
make: *** [installer] Error 2
I suspect it might be make -j3 related, as I manually re-ran

make -C objdir
make -C objdir installer

And it worked correctly.
Windows Builds are ready:

SHA1(thunderbird-3.0b2.en-US.win32.installer.exe)= cc65b5a808152e3cc14650b0c65dc6e44d38bb34
SHA1( 8240be75b8035c0f1b8ebe6b5ec3038dcf2f9268
en-US builds complete.
Depends on: 479182
Depends on: 479290
build2 started on Windows/Mac OS X
build2 started on Linux
Linux/Windows/Max OS X builds are ready:


SHA1(thunderbird-3.0b2.en-US.linux-i686.tar.bz2)= 9673467061921961c36ddbfba388dc4e8534a46f
SHA1(thunderbird-3.0b2.en-US.mac.dmg)= 92eda15a64e565b9a93219cd6c743b0315478c08
SHA1(thunderbird-3.0b2.en-US.win32.installer.exe)= cd9645c440c0fe4c0de807491eed2f33d5a537d8
SHA1( f71a2895e9608238943c96e648f46eea88558c51
Source tarball is here:


SHA1(thunderbird-3.0b2-source.tar.bz2)= e8fb97611b88278e92e1235f0fdfccb8b7d3233a
MD5(thunderbird-3.0b2-source.tar.bz2)= 3a6a95040c4356139a02eab5d32b9ad1
l10n-central tagged.
l10n repacks in progress
Linux l10n repacks complete.
Mac OS X l10n repacks complete.
Win32 repacks complete. Good night.
Diff between the build1 and build2 source tarballs
Depends on: 480023
No longer depends on: 479011
Closed: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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