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Create "l10nProgress" plugin to locale translation progress


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The desired functionality of this new plugin is described in <>.
Possibly call this something more generic like "ListProgress" or similar as per bug 481306 comment 1.
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Just so it's posted somewhere, we'll be using a CSS solution for the progress bar instead of an intensive php image library like tiki does.

Visually, you shouldn't be able to tell the difference.
I called it listprogress, but it's arbitrary and can be easily changed.

Screenshot is of an actual French wikipage where these were inserted. It's using the same dataset 481306 is using.

Syntax is below. Wording and such can be changed/added pretty easily. Right now, there is just 'ratio', 'named ratio', 'percentage', and 'named percentage.'
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> Created an attachment (id=366471) [details]
> Screenshot of current progress

The anchor links mentioned in the PRD are optional. I forgot to turn them on.
Eric, go ahead and check this code in since it's separated from the other code so doesn't change anything. Laura will need to review the code before we push anything live.
This is in r23250 and r23251 on staging only. It's there simply so it can be tested the instant the tables are up. It'll be put into the prod branch after that.

Do *not* try to use it before then.

Marking as fixed to draw attention to the remaining portions of the release.
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Eric, status on SQL changes?  Do you have a SQL file with the changes?  Filed a bug for IT?
SQL is attached to bug 481303, which is the bug for the tables' schema. I was waiting for a confirmation that we can request raw SQL to be run (also in bug 481303).
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