Make F5 reload on other platforms than Windows

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10 years ago
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10 years ago
[Hrm, we don't have a Bugzilla component for browser window issues. Too bad.]

I'm not sure where it was, but I saw people surprised that F5 didn't reload on Linux SeaMonkey, as most Linux desktop apps nowadays have adopted that keybinding.

Looking at I see that Firefox enables it on all platforms, only accel-F5 is non-Mac-only for the browser while shows that view source has both defined for everyone - Stefan, do you know the reason for the exception?

I think we should go and move our definitions from to a general place to follow suit(e) and also expectations users seem to have nowadays.

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10 years ago
As a side note, bug 79397 and bug 129823 are competing for the same key in mailnews ;-)

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10 years ago
Accel+F5 on mac enables Voice Over (bug 307061). I think the viewsource part was just missed (bug 230693).

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9 years ago
I think we should really have this. Just checked Firefox 3.5, Minefield, Konqueror, Opera, and Chromium, all on Kubuntu. All support F5 = Reload.

Firefox has F5 on all platforms, and Shift+F5 on all but Mac (cf. To achieve the same, we have two options:
a) do it like FF, i.e. add it to navigatorOverlay.xul, preprocess that file (currently it isn't, cf. and use an #ifndef XP_MACOSX rule there
b) add it to the individual platform files that don't have it yet (mac/, unix/), leaving out Accel+F5 for Mac.

Neil, feel free to un-CC yourself but please answer the above question first.
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9 years ago
Firefox having F5 on Mac is probably a mistake that no-one has discovered yet, no need to repeat that. We have Accel+R in the menu and that should be enough.

I can btw probably answer for Neil - b) is the way to go, we already have the files for doing this, so there's no need to pre-process ;-)

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9 years ago
So, after Stefan's feedback, let's only add Unix support (Win already has it, from where I copied it). No changes made to the shortcuts file since no entry exists there for Windows either and it's only a secondary shortcut which doesn't appear in the menu.
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9 years ago
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make F5 Reload [Checkin: comment 6]
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9 years ago
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9 years ago
(In reply to comment #4)
> Firefox having F5 on Mac is probably a mistake that no-one has discovered yet

Could you please file it there, then? Thanks!
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