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Hard coded SUMO-specific links to articles and error messages


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We need to figure out a way to remove hard coded links to articles from the code. It's probably fine to keep them in the templates - since those are not going to be part of productization.

However, they can't be part of the main .php files.

Here's an instanec where they can be found in error messages:
Other instances:
The last one, especially, will require an admin pref of sorts for "friendly URLs"

At any rate, a new product site will break if not provided with similar htaccess rules to those we have on SUMO.

Here are examples of a hard coded product name in the error message of .php files:
Probably more to come as I audit.
Summary: Hard coded links to articles → Hard coded SUMO-specific links to articles and error messages
Hard coded "Firefox user" bug
Attached patch patch, v1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Patch fixes:
- Hard coded "Firefox" text from: tiki-edit_translation.php, tiki_editpage.php, tiki-feedback.php and tiki-feedback_ajax.php
- Moves Firefox-specific error messages in the templates for instances in files above.

Took me a while, to find a good but simple way to do it.

Note that the following have been left unchanged as they will be fine for the Fennec release.
This requires htaccess set up and redirects would break without it:
Proposed future solution: add a pref to turn on/off "friendly URLs." This may add to page load time, however.

This is from bug 488788:
I don't really have a proposed solution for this.

Laura: please take a look at these two and tell me what you think we should do.
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Attached patch patch, v2Splinter Review
Updated with item 3 from bug 511952.
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r49769 / r49770
Lots of QA needed. To test this, make sure all the files/errors listed in the revisions still show up right. All the functionality w.r.t. these changes should remain the same as on prod. If you need help testing, let me know.
Closed: 12 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
I looked through the filenames in the patch as a guideline for testing -- did my best, will call it verified FIXED.  Overall, seems to be working fine -- I'll be filing as I continue to test.
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