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[id] Choose search plug-ins for Fennec in Indonesian


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You've indicated an interest in participating in the localization of mobile Firefox (aka Fennec). We want to ship Fennec with a good list of search engines for Indonesian. As the technical details of implementation are being worked on, we'd like to start the discussion about the choice of search engines. This bug is about agreeing on a set of search engines, and will not tackle the implementation (at least not yet).

First, the localization team and Staś will look at the market for the locale and come up with a good set of search providers. The guidelines for making recommendations are on You're welcome to suggest engines already shipped in desktop Firefox for Indonesian, if they fit well in the categories outlined on the wiki.

For en-US, we currently use the following set, which may serve as an inspiration:
Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Yahoo, Twitter.

Note that according to the guidelines, for some categories it may be better to leave them empty than to ship with en engine that's irrelevant or unavailable in your region.

After we decided on a particular search engine, we will need to test it in Fennec. You can test on a mobile device and on the desktop (download the builds from <>). Staś will help with testing on a device, too. If the service works fine, Staś will contact the owner and ask for permission, and for specifics like proper search flags. $name, we'll likely need your help to at least get the contact information if we don't have them already.

We don't know the implementation details yet, so for now, please don't create patches nor land anything. We will keep you posted as we figure out the how's and when's.

Hi Guys:  Just a friendly reminder, as we move closer to the general availability date for Fennec in mid-December, has your team had any chance to consider search providers?  Thanks!
Can we include Facebook searchplugins? Facebook is growing soooooo fast in Indonesia.

We can remove Amazon safely (high delivery cost makes it unusable).
(In reply to comment #2)
> Can we include Facebook searchplugins? Facebook is growing soooooo fast in
> Indonesia.

Hey Romi:  We need to think about Facebook.  Not sure if logging into a search provider is a user experience we think it right for Mozilla products.  But, I'd be curious to hear your opinion.  Do you think it's a good thing to make people login to use a search?  In Facebook's case, maybe the end-user interest is so great that logging in is not an issue.  But, do we want to offer search provider to our end users that *forces* them to sign up for that service?  All interesting points to consider about Facebook.  What do you think?  Any other interesting/possible concerns?

> We can remove Amazon safely (high delivery cost makes it unusable).

Noted.  :)
Here's a patch resetting the mobile/searchplugins/ directory to a minimal set of search engines that we would like to ship your locale with. Please read this comment carefully before you land this patch.

*Important*: There has been a change to how we use the  <Description/> elements present in the plug-ins (see bug 528655 and bug 529869). We want to emphasize that the search is integrated with the browser to better reflect what a search plugin is and what it does. You will need to edit the Wikipedia plug-in before you commit this patch. Please read <> for detailed instructions.

For Google, we don't have to copy the XML file to your mobile/searchplugins/ directory. Plugins identical to en-US are pulled from source automatically. It's enough to put the engine's name in list.txt for this to work (which I did). I also updated the Wikipedia plug-in to use a bigger icon, see bug 517997 for details.

Please edit the Wikipedia plug-in and commit this patch before you opt-in in the newsgroup. Opt-ins without this patch will not be taken. This does not mean that we don't want to include other search engines. On the contrary, the work and the discussion will continue in this bug until we choose a good set of search engines for your locale. Then, you will be able to opt in again, so that in the final release we include more search engines than the mineral set from this patch.

This patch is simply meant to reset your mobile/searchplugins directory so that we keep the repository clean and happy.

Thanks for understanding!
Indonesian on Fennec (as with Hebrew) has a ship dependency on a small amount of locale code translation work on Android. Marking as depends on Bug 945122.

  Note that Java uses several deprecated two-letter codes. The Hebrew ("he") language code is rewritten as "iw", Indonesian ("id") as "in", and Yiddish ("yi") as "ji".
Depends on: 945122
Jeff, a 4 years old question (comment 2): Can we reconsider facebook as one of search provider in Indonesian Firefox for Android?
(In reply to Romi Hardiyanto from comment #6)
> Jeff, a 4 years old question (comment 2): Can we reconsider facebook as one
> of search provider in Indonesian Firefox for Android?

Unfortunately, I'm concerned about the user experience there. It seems that, unless a user is logged into Facebook through the browser, it won't return any results. For that reason alone, it may not be a good candidate (see:
Hi Romi,

Jeff is right, we have not included Facebook in any locales due to the log-in issue.  I was looking at the top sites in ID on Alexa:  and I'm wondering if it makes sense to approach about a partnership.  What are your thoughts on that?  Is there someone else on that list we should be talking to? 

Thanks so much for your feedback!  Joanne
Hello everyone,

I think adding Kaskus as one of search provider in Indonesian Firefox for Android is a great idea. Most Indonesians visit Kaskus to find something to buy/sell or to find unique topics to talk about. Adding Kaskus might increase the usage of Firefox for Android in Indonesia. That's my opinion.

No longer depends on: 945122
I've contacted Kaskus. Do we need some legal stuff from them (like permission to use icon)?
(In reply to Romi Hardiyanto from comment #10)
> Do we need some legal stuff from them (like permission to use icon)?

Seems like it in TRADEMARKS section.

> KASKUS brand and other KASKUS graphics, logos, designs, page headers, button icons, scripts, categories, forum and service name are registered trademarks ... Any intention to use the KASKUS logo and other trademarks must be requested and agreed upon in written by KASKUS.
Since this is really that only thing blocking id Fennec from shipping, I'm proposing that we remove kaskus from the list, file a bug to add them once we receive a response from them, and land the remaining list in the repo. I spoke with Romi and he agreed, but it would still be good, Romi, if you would confirm that here too.

Flod, what do you think?
Following email conversation with Jeff, I can agree with Jeff, we can push the release out now.
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Patch replicating current en-US (minus Amazon), with localized Yahoo and Wikipedia.
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Romi, before asking for review, does this make sense for you? Things have changed a bit since this bug was first opened, en-US now has also Bing and Yahoo and we should ship them with locales as well.

This patch adds: bing, google, twitter, wikipedia-id, yahoo-id (I removed Amazon, assuming that's still the case).

You can test the two localized searchplugins from this page
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flod, the patch is OK for me. The order of is OK too, since Bing is not quite popular in Indonesia.
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Comment on attachment 8404574 [details] [diff] [review]

Review of attachment 8404574 [details] [diff] [review]:

Thanks Romi, off to review then.

Yahoo is already using the new structure of en-US (SSL, suggestion, mozparam), that will be fixed later for other locales in bug 994248.
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