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[ko] Choose search plug-ins for Fennec in Korean


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You've indicated an interest in participating in the localization of mobile Firefox (aka Fennec). We want to ship Fennec with a good list of search engines for Korean. As the technical details of implementation are being worked on, we'd like to start the discussion about the choice of search engines. This bug is about agreeing on a set of search engines, and will not tackle the implementation (at least not yet).

First, the localization team and Staś will look at the market for the locale and come up with a good set of search providers. The guidelines for making recommendations are on You're welcome to suggest engines already shipped in desktop Firefox for Korean, if they fit well in the categories outlined on the wiki.

For en-US, we currently use the following set, which may serve as an inspiration:
Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Yahoo, Twitter.

Note that according to the guidelines, for some categories it may be better to leave them empty than to ship with en engine that's irrelevant or unavailable in your region.

After we decided on a particular search engine, we will need to test it in Fennec. You can test on a mobile device and on the desktop (download the builds from <>). Staś will help with testing on a device, too. If the service works fine, Staś will contact the owner and ask for permission, and for specifics like proper search flags. $name, we'll likely need your help to at least get the contact information if we don't have them already.

We don't know the implementation details yet, so for now, please don't create patches nor land anything. We will keep you posted as we figure out the how's and when's.

Joone, Please give me your suggestion. In my opinion, Google, Naver(mobile search), Daum(mobile search), Wikipedia.
I already copied the search plug-ins from Firefox-kr including yahoo-kr, danawa.
In addition, I newly copied twitter plug-in from Fennec.

Could you let me know how to support mobile search in Daum and Naver plug-ins?
Here's a patch resetting the mobile/searchplugins/ directory to a minimal set of search engines that we would like to ship your locale with. Please read this comment carefully before you land this patch.

*Important*: There has been a change to how we use the  <Description/> elements present in the plug-ins (see bug 528655 and bug 529869). We want to emphasize that the search is integrated with the browser to better reflect what a search plugin is and what it does. You will need to edit the Wikipedia plug-in before you commit this patch. Please read <> for detailed instructions.

For Google and Twitter, we don't have to copy the XML files to your mobile/searchplugins/ directory. Plugins identical to en-US are pulled from source automatically. It's enough to put the engine's name in list.txt for this to work (which I did). I also updated the Wikipedia plug-in to use a bigger icon, see bug 517997 for details.

Please edit the Wikipedia plug-in and commit this patch before you opt-in in the newsgroup. Opt-ins without this patch will not be taken. This does not mean that we don't want to include other search engines. On the contrary, the work and the discussion will continue in this bug until we choose a good set of search engines for your locale. Then, you will be able to opt in again, so that in the final release we include more search engines than the mineral set from this patch.

This patch is simply meant to reset your mobile/searchplugins directory so that we keep the repository clean and happy.

Thanks for understanding!
Channy, can you land the patch from comment 3? The current list in mobile/searchplugins is too long IMO. 


(from <>)

Please see recommended search categories at <>.
Sorry. I missed this bug. Actually there will be no possibility to release N900 in Korea. But, it's better to arrange mobile search providers for future. 

It's okay google, yahoo and twitter. And I want to add Naver and Daum. As you know, Naver has 70% market share and Daum does 20%'s in Korea search market. 

I found each mobile search pages for PDA.

Unfortunately they don't be redirected by main search page (URLs of daum-kr and naver-kr). So I have to change links in them and remake fennec's plugin. 

It is Okay?
In conclusion, my suggestion is as followings:

Channy, thanks for the suggestions. What categories would you put Naver and Daum in? General search? I think we should try to limit the number of search plug-ins in this category. Preferable (and according to the guideline), we'd only have 1 plug-in from each category.

Also, should we add Wikipedia?
Channy, we're blocked on this bug to take Korean Fennec.
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I updated plug-ins for Fennec-ko.
* As you guided, 5 search plug-ins are included:
- google
- yahoo
- twitter
- naver-kr
- duam-kr
* <Description> element in each plug-in was removed.
* naver-kr, duam-kr search URL are also changed for supporting mobile site. But, I'm not sure "application/x-suggestion+json" could be supported.

I could not test such plug-ins because the search plug-ins doesn't display in the search mode of Fennec-ko.
I reviewed Fennec's korean search services in our community forum. Most of users recommended as followings: 

1) Global general search: google

2) E-commerce search: danawa-kr (
  - Danawa is Firefox PC version e-commerce search plug-in. Danawa doesn't support desktop/mobile redirection, but it offers mobile interface both Android and iPhone.

3) Local search: daum-map
  - Daum is Firefox PC version general search plug-in. But, it also offer local search section with Geolocation function, map image and phone call interface of search result. There is no local specific search service in Korea.
4) Social search: daum-social (http://
   - Daum is Firefox PC version general search plug-in. But, it also offer social search result of Twitter, Facebook, me2Day and Foursquare etc. There is no social web specific search service in Korea.

5) General search: naver (
   - Naver is  Firefox PC version general search plug-in and dominant search provider in Korea. In case of local and search, Naver doesn't offer specific result yet in right now.

So I suggest to review as followings:

Or, I god another opinions to use Twitter in case of social search. It means Korean twitter users are most of social web users.

By above suggestion,

1. It was removed Google, twitter and wikipedia and yahoo-kr.
2. Danawa and Naver's search url was changed to
3. Daum's search url was changed to
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FYI, Daum and Naver's icons were fixed in Bug 585337.
Comment on attachment 493705 [details] [diff] [review]
The first suggest of Korean Firefox mobile search plug-ins

I tested all of these search plugins for my local copy of Fennec and they all work.  

Please check these into your mobile subdirectory for Korean on l10n-central.  When you land, add a comment that references Bug 521998, the change you are landing, and r=sethb.  

Please test after you land it and then sign off.
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