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Make SessionStore handle full screen mode


(Firefox :: Session Restore, defect)

Not set




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(Blocks 2 open bugs)


Private browsing needs SessionStore (see bug 538715 and bug 500150) to handle full screen mode.

I've been working on this & it's mostly an easy change. However I've run into some sizemode issues (at least on m-c & OSX). I'll be filing that bug and it should probably block this.
Blocks: 538715, 500150
Any updates here?
No updates. I haven't gone back to finish the OSX widget bug (bug 539601).
Assignee: paul → nobody
i have this too (mac os 10.9 / firefox 38.0.5)

With 10.11 releasing even more improvements to full-screen (e.g. side by side fullscreen apps), I feel that it is very important to handle this. Apple markets this feature enormously.

Add to the fact that Firefox has to be the only app installed on my computer that doesn't resume fullscreen. Super annoying!
This is probably the issue in Fx that annoys me the most, and I’d love to help diagnose / fix it. I’m really not a CPP coder and I don’t know the Fx codebase well at all, but I was trying to work out what might be going on and found a potential logic bug. In nsXULWindow.cpp there’s a line that seems to be checking for whether the sizemode should be persisted:

However shouldPersist is earlier only set to true if the owner document isn’t fullscreen:

If this is where the problem is then presumably line 1704 could be changed to check for (ownerXULDoc && persistString.Find("sizemode") >= 0) ?
Duplicate of this bug: 1415774
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