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Slow property access on dromaeo's "jQuery -attr(class) x 100" benchmark


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This is in the "DOM Attributes (jQuery)" section in dromaeo.  Nearly 20% of the time is dealing with resolves (due to JM not PICing DOM stuff with getters?) and in particular calling XPC_WN_ModsAllowed_ProtoResolve is about 10% of the total time.  Peter, is that used for just normal DOM objects too?
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Something to keep in mind is Dromaeo is using jQuery v1.2.3. from February 2008.
Yes, but it's just using the DOM.  A newer jquery may use the DOM slightly differently, but it may not....

Or do you have concrete evidence the attr() has been significantly changed since in a way that makes this bug somehow irrelevant to our DOM performance?
DOM performance is important regardless of JS lib or lib version so please keep digging/investigating for perf improvements. 
jQuery did do an overhaul of their attribute/property related methods in v1.6
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Marking [qf:investigate:p1] so that someone would first investigate whether this is still an issue.
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