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Add Heap Snapshot and Analysis tools


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User Story

As a developer, I would like to be able to analyze a full heap snapshot so that I can get a better understanding of the memory behavior of my application. 

This is a broad user story, will do specifics in individual user stories.


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Chrome has a heap snapshot tool that tells you where memory is being spent on a particular page. We should get this.
Summary: Add Heap Snapshot → Add Heap Snapshot tool
There are probably half a dozen bugs on this, but the one that looks most promising at the moment is Bug 625305.
(In reply to comment #1)
> There are probably half a dozen bugs on this, but the one that looks most
> promising at the moment is Bug 625305.

Nope, that one is different. Chrome's tool is a snapshot for a particular page and breaks down the memory usage per object. Bug 625305 will only tell which page is using memory and not really give you any help in fixing it.
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I removed the MemShrink annotation because this more a user-facing dev tool than a "the browser needs to be slimmer" tool.
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The blog post has a good summary of using Chrome's tool:
Duplicate of this bug: 695492
One possibly fun twist here would be to allow user-defined predicates, written in JS, to distinguish JS Objects, which are otherwise just going to be a giant blob.
Type inference has boat-loads of information about objects;  I bet that could be utilized somehow.
Found during bug triage (nearly a year later).

This is definitely something I would love to have. CC'ing Shu for his Type Inference interests.
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Duplicate of this bug: 740290
Alias: heap
Summary: Add Heap Snapshot tool → Add Heap Snapshot and Analysis tools
Is this still on the devtools team's radar? Debugging the memory allocation patterns in Shumway would be greatly helped by having such a tool.
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Depends on: 646734, 646737, 646739
Whiteboard: [performance] → [performance] [shumway]
Blocks: perf-kanban
Adding this to the performance Kanban. Need to log user stories associated with a heap tool. The main user story is to find memory leaks without having to record. 

As a app/web developer I would like to find memory leaks without having to run a recording so that I don't have to fill up my hard drive with useless data and so that I can find long term memory leaks.

Acceptance criteria: 
- Be able to take heap snapshots
- be able to do diffs on the snapshots
Flags: pm-scrub?
Duplicate of this bug: long-term-leaks
I'm working on memory tracking and it would be extremely useful for me.

I'm attaching a screenshot of how this looks in Chrome DevTools.

Here's the description:

What I see on top is that there's an object (@50971) which uses 153kb of memory. Objects in total use 507kb, but that's the single biggest one.

When I unfold it I see that it has tons of strings - it's our localization entries object.
Now I see how it's structured.

At the bottom I see that it's retained because of a reference from a variable "entries" which is referenced from a variable context which is referenced by an Array and Window object itself.

That's super helpful.

I can also wait a few seconds and do another snapshot and compare which objects were removed, added or modified and how it affected memory consumption. That's also useful.

One thing that I miss heavily is ability to filter objects by file they were defined in.
Component: Developer Tools → Developer Tools: Memory
Flags: pm-scrub?
Converting this to a user story to capture all the dependent user stories for heap snapshot analysis.
Component: Developer Tools: Memory → Developer Tools: User Stories
User Story: (updated)
Blocks: mem-diff
Component: Developer Tools: User Stories → Developer Tools: Memory
We've had a memory panel in the devtools for a while now. Anything more specific should be filed as new bugs. Thanks!
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