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[meta] Memory Tool Platform Work


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(Depends on 27 open bugs)


(Keywords: meta)

Debugger should provide an API for analyzing heap usage and catching leaks. This should include:

- ways to find paths by which objects are retained

- ways to compute objects' retained sizes, and identify the largest N objects in each category

- ways to take a census of the heap and count the numbers (and sizes) of objects in various categories

- ways to take complete, serializable snapshots of the heap, and examine them (almost) as if they were live.
There is IterateZonesCompartmentsArenasCells(), which lets you iterate over the heap. It could be the basis for the 3rd and 4th items in comment 0. The 1st and 2nd items in that comment will need something more like JSTracer.
Depends on: 1012456
Component: JavaScript Engine → Developer Tools: Memory
Product: Core → Firefox
Summary: [jsdbg2] Debugger should provide an API for heap / memory analysis → [meta] DevTools platform APIs for heap / memory analysis
Alias: devtools-memory-apis
Blocks: 1149755
Depends on: 1182699
Alias: devtools-memory-apis → memory-platform
Summary: [meta] DevTools platform APIs for heap / memory analysis → [meta] Memory Tool Platform Work
Has STR: --- → irrelevant
P5 cause this is a meta-bug and blockers will have their own priority that better reflects their individual reality.
Priority: -- → P5
Product: Firefox → DevTools
Depends on: 1474383
See Also: → heapprof
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