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Ability to manually save session information


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It should be possible to save information about the user's setting in their 
profile as a certain session name to finish later. This would save the names of 
open files, windows, text entered in forms, the pages opens' HTML, etc. etc, in 
a data file and everything would be reopenable to EXACTLY the way it was before 
just by choosing that session. The user could save to the session, overwriting 
the old session information would the new information.
Blocks: 63092
Note: If the pages people were viewing were changed that would *NOT* matter as 
the pages would be saved in the session data files and would be reloaded 
exactly the way they were before, with all form text entered. Also, any pages 
in back and forward buttons would be saved along with their form data. 
EVERYTHING would work just as they were still on the same session (or at least 
as much as is possible).
making rfe
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this is a project that sounds similar to what alphanumerica was working on with
the crash recovery stuff.  over to XPApps.
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QA Contact: doronr → sairuh
Note: If pages are saved on the hard drive to open later, any pictures and 
links that are local to the server would have to be translated so the the page 
would load correctly after you saved your session. I assume the cache already 
does this. 

Also: This would definately not be a long term thing for some web pages, etc 
since some pages change. It might pose a real problem for some sites that use 
CGI, but most likely if someone saves their session and tries to submit via cgi 
a month later, they will probably just get an error message. Then they could 
just cut and paste the data to the new cgi forms.

I believe this feature would really come in handy.
nav triage team:

Would be cool, but not for beta1, marking nsbeta1- and p5
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kicking out to nobody, this bug needs an owner.
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spam: over to File Handling. i have not changed the assigned developer [or the
other fields for that matter], so if anyone realizes that a bug should have a
more appropriate owner, go ahead and change it. :)
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Whiteboard: [Aufbau-Pf]
Whiteboard: [Aufbau-Pf]
Bug 36810 describes a subset of the feature wanted in this bug, the ability to
save window information.
Depends on: 36810
*** Bug 118205 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
This would be a cool feature. I just switched back to mozilla after a short
galeon test drive and the one thing that I _really_ miss from galeon is the way
it'll remember your session and restore it upon restarting the browser. This is
especially useful for those of use who are very tab-happy :-)

Also -- and this is just a thought -- maybe galeon's
crash-recovery/session-saving code can be ported to mozilla?
See also related bug 93789.  Maybe this one should block the other one?
This appears to be a dupe of bug 19454. Is it not?
No. This is a manual save. They should depend on the same bug which is what 
actually does the logging of the session. That bug would allow only recovery 
of a sessoin after a crash, while this would allow it after it has been saved.

Probably keeping form entries would also be good to do in this and the other 
Summary: [RFE] Ability to save session information → [RFE] Ability to manually save session information
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QA Contact: sairuh → petersen
Summary: [RFE] Ability to manually save session information → Ability to manually save session information
Blocks: 19454
No longer blocks: 63092
No longer depends on: 36810
--> XP Apps.
Assignee: nobody → jaggernaut
Component: File Handling → XP Apps
QA Contact: petersen → paw
Just a UI suggestion for this: File -> Quit (saving session)

The session should be restored, as a one-off, next time the browser is run.
Flags: blocking1.6a?
There is wonderfull software for Mozilla, with which it's possible to save
browsing session information (openned pages, history) manually.
Just install Tabbrowser Extensions from

Then restart browser and you can save your session - go to newly appeared "Tab"
menu and choose "Tab Session"->"Save Current Tab Session".
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Product: Core → Mozilla Application Suite
Depends on: sessionsaver
No longer depends on: sessionsaver
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The SessionSaver extension recovers allows session to be manually saved and also provides automatic crash recovery of all browser state data (such as open tabs and typed text). It supports both Firefox and SeaMonkey / Mozilla Suite.

For more information about this extension see the mozillazine knowledgebase:

To download the latest version and to discuss bugs see the following thread:

Whiteboard: Workaround in comment #23
What about:  [Bookmarks] -> [Bookmark this GROUP of tabs] ?

SessionSaver seems to go beyond, by preserving cookies and even typed form infos, so one can return to the session after being booted from the keyboard by one's daughter on a mission.  And protects against data loss from crashes also.

The omnibus 36810 plan seems to intend on incorportating the SessionSaver features into the core, which I as a mere user would support.
Development of SessionSaver seems to have stopped (it's no longer on AMO), for anyone who is looking for a way to save and restore sessions now there is Session Manager ( and also Tab Mix Plus (, which saves sessions and does lots of other useful things besides.
I'm using the Session Manager extension but I think this is such an important feature that it should be included as default and not as a separate extension. Moreover it doesn't hurts to add it and it shouldn't use much more RAM.
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