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pattern viewBoxes still not treated correctly


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Not set





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pservers-pattern-02 seems to be failing on how viewBoxes are interpreted too so I'll see if I can fix that too.
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Only fixes pservers-pattern-04, looks like pservers-pattern-02 is some other issue
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The patch does fix bug 589651 though.
Blocks: 589651
Do you understand the use of MaxExpansion, Robert?
bug 384208. If a pattern is rotated then the bounding box can be bigger. Probably should try to convert one of the testcases from that bug into a reftest.
The MaxExpansion call is in the |else|, so it's used for patternContentUnits=userSpaceOnUse, not =objectBoundingBox.

I have to prepare for the SVG WG F2F tomorrow (taking place all next week), and since we're going to have to wait until after ff4 to land this anyways, I'll come back to this after the F2F.
Why are you worried about the MaxExpansion call? I haven't changed that.
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Because I needed to understand the surrounding code and how the function works and is used as a whole to understand the change.
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