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single-head mercurial hook doesn't seem to be enabled on l10n/mozilla-aurora


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(2 files) looks like the single head hook isn't on on the l10n/mozilla-aurora repos. maps to

which is resolved to a single head graph in a different push,, leading to

CCing jepser and sskroeder who pushed.

This also invalidates quite a few assumptions going in to how we're doing builds and releases.
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Yes, Søren forgot to update before he committed, resulting in two heads in the repository on I merged them afterwards.
As Jesper and Søren are confused by the jargon in this bug:

There's a mercurial hook available on that checks if you're creating anymore than one head on any branch, nicknamed single-head. When that hook is on, you can do whatever you want, you won't be able to push a second head on default, including the `hg push -f` that Søren did.

That hook is supposed to be on, and the fact that you've been able to push indicates that it's not. is the actual hook code, for the curious.
These are the commands used (alas no output)

Please note that I also had an update of Compare-Locales interspersed in the flow ;-/

[Custom commands/scripts]
./update-all == "hg pull -u"-script on each repo
./ea == "edit aurora" command that opens both en-US and da file for easy compare
./cl-b-a == envoke Compare Locales for Browser on Aurora script
Noah created those repos in bug 649524.
Bumping to blocker.

We need a defined repo state well before the beta move, i.e., now if that move is supposed to be tomorrow.
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(In reply to comment #6)
> We need a defined repo state well before the beta move, i.e., now if that
> move is supposed to be tomorrow.

I'm enabling the hook on existing l10n/mozilla-aurora repositories now
The hooks seem to be up now, I confirmed that I can't push a new head on x-testing.

I also confirmed that the aurora repos now only have a single head on each branch, by running the head-count command from my hg extension on all repos.

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