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"Never remember history" activates private browsing mode without telling user


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Steps to reproduce:

Installed Firefox and activated "never remember history" under Privacy.

Actual results:

None of my log-in credentials were saved for any Web site (GMail, Hotmail, forums), even when I opted to save them.  After filing a bug on this behavior (and reviewing some potentially related ones), I discovered that "never remember history" turned private browsing mode on but didn't show any of the settings to the user.

Expected results:

The privacy settings on the Privacy tab should always be shown to the user, regardless of which mode he selects in the drop-down list.  Hiding them pointlessly obscures the options that are in effect and leads to a lot of wasted time, aggravation, and bug reports.

Bug 517383 is related.

Screen shot of the relevant settings attached.
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Also contradictory is the "remember passwords" option under Security, as noted in 503761.
Limi, should we disable that option as well when the "never remember history" mode is in effect?  Or should we offer to remember passwords in permanent private browsing?
Keywords: uiwanted
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When selecting "Never remember history", a pop-up dialog shows notifying the user that the browser should be restarted in order to make that setting active.

Before closing the dialog, under the menu pop-up that has been used to set the preference it reads this label:, warning the user that the browser will behave as private mode was enabled.

Tested on Firefox 43.0.4, although the code reference on my link is about Nightly, so it hasn't changed probably since then.
Thanks!  This is likely to be missed by the user because a dialog appears and demands attention just as the label text changes; but at least it provides a clue to the user later if he returns to this page, trying to determine what's going on with the browsing mode.

Much appreciated.
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