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Identify next batch of locales which no longer need nightlies on m-c


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Followon from bug#655129. 

Of the locales still on mozilla-central, which locales should instead be basing their work, and nightly users, on mozilla-aurora? 

(Once we have this list of locales, then RelEng will generate custom updates for those locales to migrate those users to mozilla-aurora. See bug#657789 for details.)
Per bug#754102, are Danish, Finnish and Japanese still being actively worked on mozilla-central?
Duplicate of this bug: 541005
chofmann, stas, axel: now that we've got a gap in schedules, we're working on moving the first batch of locales off mozilla-central (in bug#657789). Time to revive this bug, and ask whats the next batch of locales that are focused on mozilla-aurora, and therefore dont need nightlies on mozilla-central?
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I'm marking this fixed. The update in bug 863452 comment 5 and attachment 741509 [details] has the relevant data.
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reopening after chat w/axel at summit, as this bug was closed in error - bug#863452 was for the first pass on locales to move from m-c to aurora... and this bug is for second pass.

Once bug#657789 is resolved, we'll be looking for next batch of locales who no longer want to be on m-c, and would prefer instead to be developing on aurora. Per original RapidRelease design, there are a handful of locales which are technically important to keep on m-c. Per axel at summit, since the original design, there are some locales which prefer to develop in m-c. We *swag* this combined total to be 8-16? locales, but need to investigate. As we currently have 40 locales still on m-c, this bug is to track getting list of next batch to move.
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I think we can close this now. We have been changing the locales list without any issues for a while.
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