Raytracing is about 3x times slower than in Chrome




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8 years ago
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Duplicate of this bug: 716241
So in case it matters, this is doing most of the heavy lifting in a worker.  I _think_ it uses only one worker in both Gecko and Chrome, but that's worth double-checking.

Profile shows that the main thread is mostly drawing; the worker thread is mostly running JS.  A bit of time (4% of total) is also spent on the finalizer thread.

Looking at just the worker thread (I started the profiler somewhere around the beginning of the highest-resolution raytracing pass, and profiled about halfway through that pass):

  2% is under mjit::TryCompile from toplevel
 58% is in mjit-generated code
  9% is under js_Array (half self time, and half js::NewDenseUnallocatedArray)
  5% under stubs::SetElem<0> (mostly calling array_setGeneric)
  3% under ic::Call, mostly UncachedInlineCall calling into TryCompile and interp
  3% in stubs::FixupArity
  3% under stubs::Name (mostly self time in that function and in js_NativeGet)
  3% under stubs::GetProp (self time in js::GetPropertyOperation, js::GetPropertyHelper,
  2% under stubs::NewInitArray
  2% under stubs::StrictEq

etc etc (stubs::Mod, stubs::Not, stubs::ValueToBoolean, stubs::StrictNe, and so forth).

Obvious questions I have:

1)  Why are we still compiling stuff this late in the process?  Did we end up gcing or something?

2)  Why all the stubcalls?  We clearly have some sort of ICs going (see the ic::Call), but we're getting stubcalls on stubs::Name when looking up global vars on the worker!  Heck, we're getting stubcalls setting array elements; shouldn't that be inlined?

3)  Is running in a worker important?  If the code is changed to run in the browser, how do things look?
Oh, that's all in a build from 2 day ago.  So in particular, I'm pretty sure it has the fix for bug 715756 in it.  For what it's worth, my times for this testcase look as follows:

Us before bug 715756 fix:  38s
Us after bug 715756 fix: 26s
Chrome: 13s
Safari: 34s
Opera: 45s

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8 years ago
Thanks for getting the stats!
We improved quite a bit here, too.

Current Nightly: 19s
Chromium: 8s

So more like 2x times now.
Yeah, that pretty much matches my numbers.  I asked bent to take a look into whether the worker part here is relevant somehow.  Would be great if someone on the JS side would look into why we have a stubcall-fest...
bent put this together.  It nixes the worker bits.  The profile looks pretty similar to the worker profile, except now we have some putImageData (14%) and nsIDOMWindow_GetSelf (under the stubs::Name for some reason; why?).

The rest of the stubcalls are still there, including the SetElem that ends up in array code and all the recompilation....

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7 years ago
I'm getting ~70s with Nightly but ~20s with Chromium on a full render (I'm on slow hardware so it's more pronounced).
Shane, that url has nothing to do with this bug (and if you actually search for that url in bugzilla, you will see the bugs that it does have to do with).

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7 years ago
(In reply to Boris Zbarsky (:bz) from comment #8)
I always do a search to avoid dupes and nothing came up when I searched. Now that I've mentioned that URI on here this is the only bug that appears.
That's because you only searched open bugs, presumably.  Try searching all bugs and see the existing discussion about that page in the multiple bugs you find....

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7 years ago
I've found them but they're classed as fixed (which isn't quite the case).
You really need to actually go read the bugs.  In any case, that url has nothing at all to do with this bug, as those bugs explain: this bug is a JS issue and that URL's performance is not gated on JS.

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7 years ago
Sorry for the unnecessary noise. It was dormant for 2 months and I thought it would be buried.

Trying to get back on-topic, what does WebKit do to get around this? Maybe Gecko isn't as dynamic and needs to reload the entire tree/compartment instead of just adding to it.

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7 years ago
It looks like this regressed between Firefox 16 and Nightly.
From 17s to 21s for the portal.
Tom, was that perhaps due to ion landing?

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7 years ago
Most likely, just disabling ion brings the time down to 18s.
Do we want a separate bug on the ion regression?

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6 years ago
We are at 21s now. Baseline JIT is at 35s.

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6 years ago
The demo page seems to be broken in Firefox now. Chrome still loads it.
Did the page change, or our code?
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I can't make heads or tails of it, but we seem to try to interpret the .rt files as JS, whereas Chrome displays them in the codemirror editor and renders them.
Happens in 22, too, fwiw. Didn't test older builds.
Hmm.  $.get() fail somehow?  But this is just using jquery....
And fwiw, I see the same in Fx13 and Fx4, so sounds like page changed.  Whether the bug is page or us is still unclear.

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6 years ago
Sounds like the page changed, it does however look like I remember it..
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5 years ago
Firefox Nightly: 5s Chrome 39: 4s
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