Invert tcheckerboard (and tcheckerboard2) output and make it cumulative instead of average

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Right now the output means 1.0 is no checkerboarding and 0.0 is all checkerboarding. We should flip this so that when viewing the graphs on the graph server the y-axis scale will get more detailed as we drive down checkerboarding and we can better see smaller regressions.

Also it just seems more reasonable for a test called "checkerboarding" to measure checkerboarding as opposed to not-checkerboarding.
good call.  We should be able to change the test cases themselves and ignore the rest of the automation and buildbot scripts for this.
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We might also want to change the scale from [0,1] to [0,100] instead. Right now when I click on a data point on the graph server it always reports the score as "0", which I assume is because it doesn't like fractional values. Scaling the values up would avoid this.
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this looks fine!  I assume this will work for both tcheckerboard tests?
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Yeah I pushed it to try at and it looked fine.
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Summary: Invert tcheckerboard (and tcheckerboard2) output → Invert tcheckerboard (and tcheckerboard2) output and make it cumulative instead of average
Duplicate of this bug: 748817
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Patch (v2)

New patch that also reports the sum instead of average. The "inversion" still applies, so that lower numbers are better.
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Patch (v2)

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looks good, thanks for pushing these patches through.
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