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Remove use of GetFirstSelectedMessage


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(seamonkey2.15 fixed)

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Attached patch Use selectedMessage[Uris] (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Bug 517238 introduced both selectedMessage and selectedMessageUris which means the removal of GetFirstSelectedMessage can be ported from bug 474701 and switching from gDBView.hdrForFirstSelectedMessage to gFolderDisplay.selectedMessage can be started.
Changing of the function SelectedMessagesAreRead will be covered in bug 768025.
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Use selectedMessage[Uris]

>-  var aMessage = GetFirstSelectedMessage();
>+  var aMessage = gFolderDisplay.selectedMessage;
[This was confusing! Fortunately only the value is only used as a boolean.]

> function ToggleMessageTagKey(index)
> {
>   if (GetNumSelectedMessages() < 1)
>     return;
>   // toggle the tag state based upon that of the first selected message
>-  var msgHdr = gDBView.hdrForFirstSelectedMessage;
>+  var msgHdr = gFolderDisplay.selectedMessage;
Nit: This ends up checking the number of selected messages twice. Better to get the selected message and bail out if it is null.

>+function SelectedMessagesAreJunk()
>+  try {
>+    var junkScore = gFolderDisplay.selectedMessage.getStringProperty("junkscore");
>+    return (junkScore != "") && (junkScore != "0");
>   }
>+  catch (ex) {
>     return false;
>   }
> }
The only thing that can throw here is if selectedMessage is null, so check that instead. r=me with that fixed.

>-function SelectedMessagesAreJunk()
[diff, WTF?]

>+    SaveAsTemplate(gFolderDisplay.selectedMessageUris[0]);
>+    messageUri = gFolderDisplay.selectedMessageUris[0];
-function GetFirstSelectedMessage()
-    try {
-        return gDBView.URIForFirstSelectedMessage;
I don't suppose it's worth adding something to gFolderDisplay to replace this?
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Changes since last version:
* Add selectedMessageUri to gFolderDisplay and utilised it;
* Removed GetNumSelectedMessages check in ToggleMessageTagKey function;
* Removed GetNumSelectedMessages check in MsgSaveAsTemplate function as only the first selected is passed through anyway;
* Reworked SelectedMessagesAreJunk function.
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Add to gFolderDisplay [Checked in: Comment 4]

Well, that's a slight change in behaviour for Save as Template, but then again it didn't do anything at all for a multiple selection, even though the option was enabled...
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Add to gFolderDisplay [Checked in: Comment 4]
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