Dragging a tab into the app tab area is not possible anymore




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With the landing of bug 783282 you are not able anymore to turn a normal tab into an app tab by just dragging it into the app tab area.
status-firefox17: --- → affected
status-firefox18: --- → affected
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Version: 12 Branch → 17 Branch
Blocks: 783282
This was intentionally done as part of bug 783282. There's bug 579629 as a possible long-term solution, but it's unclear how exactly this would be implemented. Suggesting wontfix for this particular regression. The primary way to pin a tab has always been the context menu.
It has always been considered as a followup to tab manipulation. The animation should be there when you pin the tab via the context menu or tab dragging.
According to comment 1 this doesn't seem like a tracking bug as it will likely be resolved invalid or wontfix.  Please renominate if that changes.
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5 years ago
Duplicate of this bug: 832631


4 years ago
Blocks: 886154

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4 years ago
this is now possible between different windows - see bug 886154
Duplicate of this bug: 863667
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