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roll out mozharness b2g emulator tests to mozilla-central + project branches when ready


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Mochitests are almost ready; reftests are coming soon and webapi needs to be orange.
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Attached patch fix wait times report (obsolete) — Splinter Review
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fix wait times report

This works for the b2g tests, but the ics/unagi/panda builds lose their attribution to 'linux-mock' and get 'other' instead. It does put b2g_*_win32_gecko nightly into win2k3 properly though.
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Attached file list of builders
Distinct builder names from the last ~100000 jobs to help with testing.
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Duplicate of this bug: 769820
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The above patch should be ready to land. Note that since we are using mozilla-b2g18 instead of mozilla-beta, beta is missing a few changes to make this run green. I think in general we should hide all b2g builds and tests on beta temporarily until the next uplift.
Come to think of it, inbound will also fail until the next time m-c gets merged back in :/
This is in production.
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