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[b2g-bluetooth] [meta] Implement A2DP profile for B2G


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1.2 FC (16sep)


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Implement high(er) fidelity audio profile for B2G.
Note: This is just a placeholder for V2+. Not planned for V1.
To enable a2dp/avrcp module for bluez, it is required to make sure "Sink", "Control" module had been enabled.
Add initial version of A2DP support.
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Initial version of A2DP implementation

Review of attachment 730639 [details] [diff] [review]:

This is a HUGE patch. 19 files are modified. If you don't mind, please separate them to several patches by different functions once it's in review process.

I'll take a quick look by next Monday.
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Initial version of A2DP implementation

I will separate different patches. Sorry for confusion.
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I've gone through the initial version. Refactored/Refined code, fixed bugs, and added error handling in the following branch. Some logics are also changed.

I think we're ready to start reviewing. Shawn, can you help to separate our HUGE patch into several patches? Thanks.
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Summary: [b2g-bluetooth] Implement A2DP profile for B2G → [b2g-bluetooth] [meta] Implement A2DP profile for B2G
Depends on: 872907
Depends on: 882551
No longer depends on: 882551
Bug 872907 had been resolved. Now Gecko is A2DP enabled. Right now, it supports HFP/A2DP Bluetooth devices now.
Depends on: 893673
Depends on: 889795
Depends on: 893675
Depends on: 895299
Depends on: 893674
Depends on: 893676
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No longer blocks: 836180
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Depends on: 906305
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Depends on: 919861
No longer blocks: 919868
Depends on: 919868
Depends on: 919884
Can we just call this done?
No longer depends on: 835226
(In reply to Kyle Machulis [:kmachulis] [:qdot] from comment #9)
> Can we just call this done?

Sure. A2DP has been merged into codebase since FxOS v1.2 FC (about 3 month ago), it's time to close this bug.

Thank you all.
Closed: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → 1.2 FC (16sep)
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