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Windows 8 menu highlight inconsistent in Firefox Menu


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Windows 8
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Steps to reproduce:

Testing in Windows 8 RTM.

Hovering over certain items in the Firefox Menu produces the Windows 7 highlight instead of the Windows 8 highlight.
Component: Untriaged → Menus
Component: Menus → Theme
Not the same bug, but related to Bug #770257. Is there a meta Windows 8 DESKTOP appearance bug that such issues should block?
Whoops, Bug #808403 is what I meant
No clue about a meta bug. But I don't have edit privileges so I cannot make one.
Obviously, the window frame colors are just grey, simply because the system colors are not available via CSS. This is meant to be combined with the stuff from Bug #808403
Blocks: 808403
I confirm this issue. The Firefox Menu seems to use a mix of native menu items and custom menu items (with an arrow on the right). The custom menu items (with an arrow on the right) uses a Windows 7 style highlight (a light blue gradient) instead of a flat highlight. Contrariwise, items without the arrow use the native flat highlight.
Blocks: 728139
No longer blocks: 808403
Duplicate of this bug: 849584
Duplicate of this bug: 911555
This menu is being removed in bug 863753.
Closed: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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