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Menu items like Addons Manager not working in FF 17 due to Tab Mix Plus


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We are getting lots of SUMO reports of menu items being broken. We think we've identified some of the culprits.

STR: Clicking on the Tools>Add-ons isn't bringing up the
add-ons manager and Help > submit feedback seems to be acting up as well

So far Tyler's found two add-ons that seem to cause this: Better

and Tab mix plus:

We'll see what other information we can dig up.
Are these being reported on particular platforms?
Windows 7, windows XP are the ones I saw.

Here are some verbatims from input:

A bunch of Firefox internal links stopped working in Firefox 17. For example, the Add-ons button on about:home doesn't work. Nor does Help -> Submit Feedback from the main Firefox menu.

Firefox 17.0 problems. Selected link opens in new tab as expected but current tab updates as well. Menu links that don't work any more, eg: Tools/Add-ons, Help/Submit feedback...

Here's someone on sumo:
I tested this using  Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:17.0) Gecko/17.0 Firefox/17.0 and haven't been able to reproduce it yet, with both Better Privacy and Tab Mix Plus.
Duplicate of this bug: 813761
Adding the developers of both add-ons.
The breakage in TMP could have been caused by bug 776290, which was caused by bug 761723. We can add it to the compatibility override list if the breakage is significant.
I can reproduce some of the problems in Firefox 17, on Mac OS.

If I try Help > Submit Feedback, nothing happens and I see this error in the Console:

Timestamp: 11/20/12 6:07:45 PM
Error: ReferenceError: backgroundPref is not defined
Source File: chrome://tabmixplus/content/utils.js
Line: 405

In the About window, none of the links work, and I see this error and a few others:

Timestamp: 11/20/12 6:08:32 PM
Error: Tabmix TMP_openUILink_init failed to change openUILink
Error: missing catch or finally after try
Source File: chrome://tabmixplus/content/utils.js
Line: 63
I just added TMP up to version to the compatibility override list. This should help mitigate the problem.

Better Privacy shouldn't be affected by the same compatibility problem as TMP, so maybe that's just a correlation problem.
Juan said he was able to reproduce this, and I just tried on a different machine - Win 7.

I installed Tab Mix Plus Version which is the latest from AMO.

All of these items do not work out of the box with this addon installed:

Help Menu:
* Firefox Help
* Troubleshooting Information
* Submit Feedback

I see similar errors to what Jorge does in Comment 7 in the Error Console.

Some people are reporting Addons Manager does not work, but on this machine that menu does work.

about: menu and Help | About Firefox work for me - all the links open.
Sorry, it may be my fault that we have this issue now with the final version of Firefox17.We had at least 2 reports for FF17beta for TMP regarding the addon manager.
I thought that the developer would fix this until the release of FF17 as they already fixed that in their development version. (bug 802693)
With the incompatibility check, we are starting to see falling off of feedback (Matt just confirmed this to be true) however there is still feedback about 17 being incompatible with TMP. 

We won't pull our release for this so hopefully there can be an earlier-than-planned release of the current dev version for TMP that contains the fix since over 1M users are currently frustrated by the incompatibility and we're all better off if they don't start turning off compatibility checking.
Can we get an evaluation here of what is worse:  User can't use their tabs as expected because the addon is incompatible vs. Handful of menu items not working for people with this extension installed.  I'm inclined to think that if the developer does not push an update before the end of the week we might want to remove the incompatibility check and let the 1.5M users of TMP use their tabs as expected, with a SUMO article explaining the known issue with some menus not working properly.
We'll be happy to get that documentation up if it comes to that. Just let us know.
If we mark it as compatible:

* The main features for this add-on continue to work.
* Some Firefox features are broken: opening the Add-ons Manager from the menu, Help > Submit Feedback, some links in the UI, and possibly others.
* Users may not attribute this breakage to Firefox 17 and not TMP.

If we keep it as incompatible:
* The add-on is disabled unless you disable compatibility checking or roll back to 16.
* Users can't use TMP.
* We take a lot of heat from users, but at least they understand what the problem is.

For both cases:

* The developer says a fix won't be submitted until January. Gavin is trying to contact him and see can be done to move this closer.
* Users can work around these problems by installing the development version available on the TMP website.

Maybe the support folks have the best data on this. For which of the problems have you been getting more / worse feedback? We want to do what's best for users, but I'm a little concerned about having Firefox 17 break and users not understanding the cause.
Thanks for the breakdown Jorge. It's been a mixed bag for Support. We saw a lot of complaints on the forums about the menu items. Once we made TMP incompatible, complaints started showing up on Input. I'll take a look again tomorrow to see if Input complaints are still gaining momentum.
Summary: Menu items not working in FF 17 → Menu items like Addons Manager not working in FF 17 due to Tab Mix Plus
Duplicate of this bug: 813970
In that case, it looks like we should be promoting the use of the development version of TMP so that we are not making Firefox look broken with menu items and we are not encouraging the disabling of compatibility checking.  Matt - can you make a prominent workaround note encouraging the use of the dev version?
I'll take care of that right now. The only problem is that our reach is very limited. If we could get some other sources to promote this as well that would be much appreciated!
The article is live in the Hot Topics section. That's our best bet for visibility.
Duplicate of this bug: 814008
Thank you very much!

I just did a quick test of Firefox 17.0 with Tab Mix Plus on OS X 10.7 and all of the problems mentioned in the above comments seem to be fixed in my quick testing.

There are 2 messages in the error console to report but I don't know what the consequence of these messages is:

TabMix :
change_tabContainer can't find string: = "";
in gBrowser.tabContainer._positionPinnedTabs.

Try Tabmix latest development version from,

Report about this to Tabmix developer at
TabMix :
change_utility can't find string: if (!reallyClose)
in WindowIsClosing.

Try Tabmix latest development version from,

Report about this to Tabmix developer at
The changes seem to only fix bugs and aren't creating obvious security problems AFAICT so this can probably get a speedy AMO review IMO., are all these changes supposed to be backwards compatible? Someone should probably test this new version on Firefox 16 to make sure. I assume it should also have maxVersion set to 17.* rather than 17.0a1?
I can still reproduce some of the problems, like links not working in the About window, but it looks like this version is much better than the previous one.
Anthony, can we get some testing on backwards compatibility (as per comment 24)?
Keywords: qawanted
QA Contact:
(In reply to Lukas Blakk [:lsblakk] from comment #26)
> Anthony, can we get some testing on backwards compatibility (as per comment 24)?

Heh, I mid-aired with this request.

I confirm that this fixes the issue for me in Firefox 17.0.1.
 * TMP reproduces the menu items issue
 * TMP does not reproduce the menu items issue

I also have no issues with this version in Firefox 16.0.2 nor after updating 16.0.2 to 17.0. I think we can probably back off our hotfix plans if this gets reviewed. Over to Release Management to make that call.
Keywords: qawanted
The addon is reviewed and live, can this be resolved now?
I think we can call this fixed.
Closed: 9 years ago
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