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ENCTYPE=multipart file upload does not work


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(Whiteboard: [TESTCASE] file upload data not submitted correctly)


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Somehow the form submission w/ multipart does not work. Which mean we cannot do
file upload. Try the form and cgi script.
Blocks: 7973
also we have the local copy of that in (w/ perl script of cgi)
Blocks: 7228
Bug #7973 was "fixed" in M7, but is dependent upon this to work.
If you don't have another test page, try the one we set up at:

It handles a single file upload test case using Lincoln Stein's perl module to process the result. Works for us since Netscape 2.x
(but not even now for MSIE 4.5 on the Mac - some MSIE's work).

-- Arthur Smith (
Whiteboard: [MAKINGTEST]
Attached file file upload form
Whiteboard: [MAKINGTEST] → [TESTCASE] file upload data not submitted correctly
Overview Description: form file upload feature does not work
Steps to reproduce: install a cgi-script capable of handling file uploads or use
the page at; enter the filename of
a local file in the textbox and click on "submit this file"
Actual Results: nothing happens, to response from the server
Expected Results: the server to print out a new page, showing the contents of
the uploaded file
Build Date & Platform: occurs M7 and current daily build (Win32)
                       does not occur on IE3+ and NN3+ (Win32) [there, the
server does respond]
Additional information: dind't touch the html file from, is it cannot be simplified
The file data does not seem to be submitted correctly (maybe no correct MIME
encoding / MIME separators?), making the script go nuts. There is no entry in
the server logs when calling the script from M7.
It appears in pages that has multiple form tags on it - see -
try uploading a file.
Isn't this dogfood because we cannot create bugzilla attachments without this?
Target Milestone: M14 → M12
Bumping up priority.
Depends on: 13997
Need to fix the crash first, of course :)
Just checked in a fix.
To verify, try to attach a file to this bug using apprunner.  If it works, the
bug is fixed.  Note that, at least on Linux, you must select a file from the
current directory.  This is being worked on - see bug 15317
Closed: 20 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Just checked in a fix.
To verify, try to attach a file to this bug using apprunner.  If it works, the
bug is fixed.  Note that, at least on Linux, you must select a file from the
current directory.  This is being worked on - see bug 15317
I'm currently trying to upload a file using the 1999101808 build under NT...
it's been 'Transferring data' for about ten minutes so far (and that file ain't
that huge). I'll update if/when the upload finishes...
OK, I've been trying all morning to upload a file to bugzilla using the
1999101808 build on NT. Is something else broken, is this bug not fixed...
anyone have an idea? Thanks!
Checking this out...
Blocks: 16950
This looks like it was caused by some changes recently made to Necko's http
library.  The form upload data is no longer getting written at all.

Rick, is this something you are aware of?  There is a test case in this bug.
Another is at http://blueviper/forms/multipart2.html.  Using this testcase, and
a simple server, I observed this data being posted:

pollmann blueviper(43):~> echoserver.prompt
Listening for clients on port 8000.
--------Got a new client.
POST /echo.cgi HTTP/1.0
host: blueviper:8000
accept: */*
user-agent: Mozilla/5.0 [en-US] (Linux; I)
referer: http://blueviper/forms/multipart2.html
--------Client hung up, responding.

But at the same time, the form post data file is correct and exists in /tmp.
This seems to be related to some recent changes you've made breaking apart and
improving nsHTTPRequest::Build, and the error seems centered around
nsHTTPRequest::OnStopRequest where the post data stream is asynchronously
written to the server.  Any ideas?  Do you want this bug?
Resolution: FIXED → ---
Changes to fix this problem have been checked in, still working on getting this.
Blocks: 17907
After careful consideration, I've decided that I probably won't get this bug in
for M12.  Currently I have nearly 50 bugs scheduled for M13, so there is a
possibility that this bug may need to be moved out farther still.
QA Contact update.
Closed: 20 years ago20 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Whatever changes had happened to break my fix seem to have reversed.  It works
for me now, so I'm marking it fixed.  Cool.  :)
Doesn't work on:
- MacOS86 2000-02-01-09 Commercial build
Can't upload file...
Resolution: FIXED → ---
Still broken for MacOS86 2000-02-08-17 mozilla build.  Tested against Win32 and
Linux builds of same date and they work fine.  

Used the link.
Target Milestone: M13 → M15
Does not work on Win32 2000021608 build on Windows 98.

Used this testcase:

I also tried it with a file-submission form on a private site of mine, and it
didn't work, either. The application churns but nothing else happens (the form
never seems to be submitted)
I just tested at:

And posting worked fine for me.  Re-closing.  If you are still having problems,
please Reopen and give details such as platform, size of file, file nemae, ...

Note also that it may take a long time for larger files to upload to the
server.  Thanks!
Closed: 20 years ago20 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
- MacOS9 2000-05-02-08-M15 Commercial
- Linux6 2000-05-02-08-M15 Commercial
- Win98  2000-05-02-08-M15 Commercial
No longer blocks: 17907
It still doesn't work, if the file doesn't exits (or if the empty filename is
Here is a cgi-script to reproduce it: put it into a cgi-bin directory, then go
to cgi-bin/env?form 
This will show a form with a "file" input and a "submit" button. 
If you just push "submit" - it will never never return...
If you enter a valid (existing) path into the input field and submit again, 
you'll see a print out of the environment and the content of the file...
This is especially bad because there is no way to check whether the file exists
on the client side :-(

#!/bin/csh -f

if ($?QUERY_STRING) then
   if ("$QUERY_STRING" == "form")  then
      cat <<EOF
Content-type: text/html;"

<form action=env method=post enctype="multipart/form-data">
<input type=file name=file><br>
<input type=submit name=sub value="Submit">

echo "Content-type: text/plain"
echo ""
echo ""
echo "**** COMMAND: $0 ****"

if ("$REQUEST_METHOD" == "POST") then
   head -c $CONTENT_LENGTH

Resolution: FIXED → ---
Works fine. Please use a recent nightly build and test it again. If you are
using 0.9.7, see bug 116210.
Closed: 20 years ago18 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
QA Contact: ckritzer → bsharma
Component: HTML: Form Submission → DOM: Core & HTML
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