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Make Java plugins OOP again


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firefox20 --- disabled
firefox21 --- fixed


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OOP was disabled for Java on all platforms in bug 563891 for issues with access to has since been removed in bug 748343, so we should be able to make Java OOP again, i.e. undo this:
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Hrm, apparently we can't go with this without further investigation :(

On i hit:

> WARNING: NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS(rv, rv) failed with result 0x80004003: file /Users/georg/moz/mozilla-central/intl/uconv/src/nsCharsetConverterManager.cpp, line 301
> WARNING: Not running on the plugin's main thread!: file /Users/georg/moz/mozilla-central/dom/plugins/ipc/PluginModuleChild.cpp, line 1076
> ###!!! ASSERTION: Should be on the plugin's main thread!: 'IsPluginThread()', file ../../../dist/include/mozilla/plugins/PluginMessageUtils.h, line 214
> ###!!! ABORT: not on worker thread!: 'mWorkerLoop == MessageLoop::current()', file ../../dist/include/mozilla/ipc/AsyncChannel.h, line 210
> mozilla::ipc::AsyncChannel::AssertWorkerThread() const+0x00000057 [/Users/georg/moz/mozilla-central/objdir/dist/ +0x02131547]
> mozilla::ipc::RPCChannel::Call(IPC::Message*, IPC::Message*)+0x0000004E [/Users/georg/moz/mozilla-central/objdir/dist/ +0x0214247E]
> mozilla::plugins::PPluginInstanceChild::CallNPN_ConvertPoint(double const&, bool const&, double const&, bool const&, NPCoordinateSpace const&, NPCoordinateSpace const&, double*, double*, bool*)+0x00000243 [/Users/georg/moz/mozilla-central/objdir/dist/ +0x022D0C73]
> mozilla::plugins::child::_convertpoint(_NPP*, double, double, NPCoordinateSpace, double*, double*, NPCoordinateSpace)+0x000000DA [/Users/georg/moz/mozilla-central/objdir/dist/ +0x0210EFDA]
> MozNPN_ConvertPoint+0x00000014 [/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/MacOS/JavaAppletPlugin +0x0000326F]
> MacNPAPIJavaPlugin::updateWindowLocation()+0x00000030 [/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/MacOS/JavaAppletPlugin +0x0000C95E]
> ###!!! ABORT: not on worker thread!: 'mWorkerLoop == MessageLoop::current()', file ../../dist/include/mozilla/ipc/AsyncChannel.h, line 210
We added that just for Java because java sucks. This is on some other java thread? If so we should just make convertpoint fail on the incorrect thread.
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Depends on: 824069
Closed: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla20
Should I be worried that this was fixed before bug 718233 / bug 559432?
Good question, does that still reproduce? I'll check into it when i'm back.
Blocks: 705570
Blocks: 728933
Depends on: 839750
Backed out on Aurora for further investigation:
So this backout made bug 705570 return in all of its perma-orange glory.
Backed out (or re-landed depending on your perspective).
Blocks: 828889
No longer blocks: 828889
Per bug 824069, comment 290 and following, this will be backed out once 20 hits beta due to the permaleaks possibly hiding other issues.
Depends on: 841914
Depends on: 857096
Target Milestone: mozilla20 → mozilla21
Depends on: 872969
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