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nsSecureBrowserUIImpl makes babies and kittens cry


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One of insights from bug 822371 is that nsSecureBrowserUIImpl is a giant frickin' pain in the keister. In the modern world, it's trying to do too much, crosses layers it doesn't need to, doesn't integrate well with the rest of the stack, and generally makes young children and kittens cry. Please, think of the kittens. And the kids too. Whatever.

Alternatively: security (SSL) is an integral piece of the modern web, the crypto export restrictions of yore are generally long-gone, and we should strive for a cleaner implementation that integrates SSL state/UI more closely.

This is a tracking bug for the various pieces.

So far, I see 3 major pieces to this work:

1) Simplify docshell.securityUI creation and ownership. It's currently a bizarre 3-way dance between the frontend, PSM, and docshell.

2) Spin off the "insecure form submission" stuff to a separate toolkit module. There's little reason for it to live deep down in PSM code.

3) Simplify security state tracking between docshell and PSM code. When tanvi/bsmith/I talked about this, we agreed we want to keep most of this centralized (since it's a bit complex). But there's a _lot_ of code here for managing a few bits of a bitmask, and it seems likely there's a lot of room for improvement. See also, the throttling issues mentioned in bug 822371.
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I am started to dig into this stuff and it's indeed a very big mess. For example nsSecureBrowserUIImpl listens for progress changes in the docShell, waiting for StateChange, only to check the security state of the channel and then sending a OnSecurityChange itself.

We need to remove all the touchpoints with docShell for e10s, so I will look into simplifying this.
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It turns out nsSecureBrowserUIImpl is considerably more complicated than it
needs to be. This patch reimplements it in terms of OnLocationChange only, which
is all it needs to produce the same behavior as before.
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bug 832834 - reimplement nsSecureBrowserUIImpl r?franziskus,jaws

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bug 832834 - reimplement nsSecureBrowserUIImpl r?franziskus,jaws

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reimplement nsSecureBrowserUIImpl r=franziskus,Felipe
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