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Global target for traversal


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13:05 < khuey> what is
13:11 < khuey> Error remaking makefiles (ignored)
13:11 < khuey> No rule to remake missing include file
13:11 < khuey> c:\dev\mozilla-inbound\config\makefiles\ command 'c:/mozil
13:11 < khuey> la-build/python/python.exe c:/dev/mozilla-inbound/build/pymake/pymake/../ -C bindings export' failed, return code 2
13:12 < khuey> gps: ^
13:13 < gps> khuey: how did you manage that?
13:13 < gps> is the derived make file
13:14 < khuey> gps: I built?
13:14 < gps> :/
13:14 < khuey> though
13:14 < khuey> I did do a rm -rf objdir/dom/bindings
13:14 < khuey> and then a top-level rebuild
13:14 < gps> run ./config.status
13:14 < khuey> to try to clear out a different build issue :-/
13:15 < gps> if that fixes it, we might have a missing dependency to force config.status on directory deletion
13:15 < khuey> yeah that fixed it
13:15 < gps> I'll file a bug

I reckon we regressed something with switchover. I haven't verified this locally. But, it should be easy enough to reproduce.
I ran into this today, and running $OBJDIR/config.status fixed it.  Not sure how I managed this; possibly rm -rf $OBJDIR/mobile/android/base && make -C $OJBIDR/mobile/android/base.  Not sure what the long term fix is.
I am going to add a global target for config.status that triggers if *any* change occurs.

I'll explain in the patch why this is necessary.
Assignee: nobody → gps
Blocks: 850380
Summary: Possible missing dependency on missing make files in subdirectory → Global target for traversal
Depends on: 860957
One of the first actions an invoked Makefile now does is check to see if
*any* file or is out of date. If so, config.status
is executed to rebuild the build backend.

Since we always perform this check as part of a build, we no longer need
special handling for out of date files during traversals. This
results in the removal of a significant amount of code!

Another upside of the change is that if a file is modified
during building, we don't (potentially) modify the build backend from
under the in-progress build. Thus the only race condition that remains
is if a is mutated during reading. This window (a
few seconds) is significantly shorter than the time of a full build
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Oh, I just remembered something. I tried to put the logic in (instead of root However, I kept running into path normalization issues. I could probably work this out with enough effort. But, I was feeling a wee bit lazy when I authored this.

Try at
No longer depends on: 860957
Comment on attachment 750820 [details] [diff] [review]
Check for traversal at top of build

Review of attachment 750820 [details] [diff] [review]:

@@ +35,5 @@
>     netwerk/necko-config.h xpcom/xpcom-config.h xpcom/xpcom-private.h \
>     $(topsrcdir)/ $(topsrcdir)/.mozconfig.out
> +default alldep all:: CLOBBER $(topsrcdir)/configure config.status backend.RecursiveMakeBackend.built.pp

That's the kind of file that should be in a .deps subdirectory.

@@ +80,5 @@
> +else
> +include backend.RecursiveMakeBackend.built.pp
> +endif
> +

I don't expect this to work without giving it a value.

::: config/
@@ +615,5 @@
> +# per traversal, hence the ifdef and the export. This rule needs to come before
> +# other rules for the default target or else it may not run in time.
> +default::
> +	$(MAKE) -C $(DEPTH) backend.RecursiveMakeBackend.built

Note that because of bug 780824, default is not the default rule in a few directories (this is just to bring awareness, not something you need to handle here).
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I added a value to the export statement.

I couldn't move the .pp file to a .deps directory easily because of path normalization issues. If we normalized topobjdir to an absolute path (bug 873325), this would be much easier.

I'm not too worried about the very few directories where default is not the default target.
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