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The wrong build locale gets offered as fallback update for Nightly Italian version


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The Mozmill fallback update tests started failing on Nightly IT with today's build. 

It appears that the Italian locale is being offered the wrong fallback update:

Mozmill report:

Jenkins link:

The error can be reproduced locally by running the Mozmill tests and after update Firefox cannot be opened (I have attached the screenshot with the error received when trying to open Firefox after update).
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QA Contact: bhearsum
Version: 22 Branch → other
I'm disabling nightly updates while we investigate this.
Component: Release Engineering: Releases → Release Engineering: Automation (General)
QA Contact: bhearsum → catlee
So, looking at logs I see:
========= Started find filepath (results: 0, elapsed: 0 secs) (at 2013-03-15 08:24:59.857282) =========
'bash' '-c' 'find build/mozilla-central/obj-firefox/dist/update -maxdepth 1 -type f -name *.complete.mar'
 in dir e:\builds\moz2_slave\m-cen-w32-l10n-ntly-0000000000\. (timeout 1200 secs)

and we end up taking the first one as the complete MAR.

So, either something isn't cleaning up like it did before, or we changed something in our buildbot code that's making us less choosey about the MAR.
Looks like this is related to bug 784848

13:14 < bhearsum> i see "'sh' '-c' 'if [ -d mozilla-central/dist/update ]; then rm -rf mozilla-central/dist/update; fi'" is yesterday's l10n nightly....
13:14 < bhearsum> coop: ah, whic his why got added, i guess?
13:15 < bhearsum> i see this in today's nightly: "'sh' '-c' 'if [ -d obj-firefox/dist/update ]; then rm -rf obj-firefox/dist/update; fi'"
13:15 < bhearsum> which gets run in  in dir e:\builds\moz2_slave\m-cen-w32-l10n-ntly-0000000000\build (timeout 1200 secs)
13:15 <@coop> yes
13:15 < bhearsum> so that dir probably doesn't exist...needs to be mozilla-central/obj-firefox
13:15 <@coop> that's not the correct dir, yeah
13:15 < bhearsum> boo
Assignee: nobody → coop
After this gets fixed and a new set of nightlies get run we need to chmod the snippet directory to enable nightlies again:
chmod 775 /opt/aus2/incoming/2/Firefox/mozilla-central

should do it.
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Specify the proper path to the dist dir for pre-build cleanup
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In production now, although bug 851720 may prevent aurora updates from happening tonight.
Priority: -- → P2
Updates for nightly still seem to be off. Can we turn them back on now?
(In reply to Reed Loden [:reed] from comment #10)
> Updates for nightly still seem to be off. Can we turn them back on now?

I just asked about this and was told that bug 851793 also need to be fixed first.
We'll track further issues via bug 852106.
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