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Remove usage of XPFE autocomplete interfaces from the XBL widget


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Now that LDAP is no longer using the XPFE autocomplete interfaces, we can remove them from the XBL widget.
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Also happens to fix a potential race condition on Linux whereby results may be invalidated incorrectly if they arrive in a different order to the search list. (Don't worry, the race condition is very hard to detect.)
Assignee: nobody → neil
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Will file followup bugs on:
* Removing obsolete files from the tree
* Adding other toolkit features, such as
  o support for getLabelAt
  o support for getImageAt
  o support for removeValueAt
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Proposed patch

While testing I managed to trigger an error:

Wed Jul 31 2013 00:23:22
Error: TypeError: input[0].syncSessions is not a function
Source file: chrome://messenger/content/addressbook/abMailListDialog.js
Line: 443

Combing through MXR I see several files that need to be updated:


Except for these all the autocomplete textboxes I tested didn't show any problems.
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(In reply to Philip Chee from comment #3)
> /calendar/base/content/dialogs/calendar-event-dialog-attendees.xml
> /mail/components/compose/content/addressingWidgetOverlay.js
> /mailnews/addrbook/content/abMailListDialog.js
> /suite/mailnews/compose/addressingWidgetOverlay.js
Right, these should have been removed by bug 452232, but they weren't. Oops.

> /mozilla/extensions/inspector/resources/content/toolboxOverlay.xul
> /mozilla/xpfe/components/autocomplete/test/autocomplete_test.xul
inspector needs it for backcompat. xpfe test is obsolete and unused, I was going to remove it along with the xpfe src and public files.

These also need to be removed.
Depends on: 899822
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Proposed patch

I was going to file some dependent bugs but I see you have already done it.
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Depends on: 899958
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Remove XPFE autocomplete interface usage from the XBL binding r=IanN
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