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enable position:sticky in non-release builds (e.g. Nightly and Aurora)


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The initial implementation of sticky positioning in bug 886646 hides it behind the preference "layout.css.sticky.enabled". Once the implementation is more complete, this preference should be enabled by default.
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Depends on: 904197
It's been pointed out to me that we likely shouldn't enable the preference by default in release versions, at least, until the specification is better standardized. So maybe once those blocking bugs are fixed it should be enabled only #ifndef RELEASE_BUILD ?
That sounds reasonable. (That's what we did for @supports when its spec was under-development, in bug 814530. The patch here should probably look very much like the patch on that bug.)
One other interesting issue mentioned in is whether there's something interesting to say or fix about nested position:sticky elements.
(In reply to David Baron [:dbaron] (needinfo? me) (busy through Sept. 14) from comment #3)
> nested position:sticky elements

work just fine in Gecko and WebKit. (Perhaps a sticky-top header inside a sticky-bottom section, though I'm not certain where that would realistically be useful.)
Predictably enough, this is the patch to do that.
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Enable position:sticky on Nightly and Aurora.


Did you still want to wait for the blocking bugs to be fixed before landing this, per comment 1, or did you want to land this sooner?

(Seems like we might as well wait, since it looks like they're close to being fixed, but I'm open to just landing this, too.)
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Yeah, might as well wait for those.
Summary: enable position:sticky → enable position:sticky on Nightly/Aurora
A final try run to make sure this doesn't break anything else:
[needinfo=me to make sure this gets landed after the Try run completes.]
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The bugs marked as blocking this have now landed, so I landed this:

(I also clarified the commit message slightly, to avoid giving the impression that this is enabling position:sticky in _current_ Aurora builds.)
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Summary: enable position:sticky on Nightly/Aurora → enable position:sticky in non-release builds (e.g. Nightly and Aurora)
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