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Get gaia-ui-tests running on emulators on TBPL


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We need to get gaia-ui-tests running on emulators on TBPL.  Our current test coverage with emulators does not tell us when Gaia breaks on device builds, and running a set of gaia-ui-tests on emulators will give us some level of protection against this.

We may need a different subset of tests on emulators than we run against b2g desktop builds.
I've already started working on this and do far have the unit tests passing locally.
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(In reply to Dave Hunt (:davehunt) from comment #1)
> I've already started working on this and do far have the unit tests passing
> locally.

What's the ETA of getting a mozharness script to run this so that we can run this on TBPL? Ideally we can just modify the existing emulator mozharness scripts to add in this test run.  The existing emulator test run script is here:
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I haven't been able to work on this in the last couple of weeks due to other priorities. As I had it, the unit tests were all passing when run individually but when run together the emulator often crashed. I was going to investigate restarting the emulator between tests to see if that made them more robust.
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If tests are going to run on emulator, it's much more likely they'll be the MarionetteJS tests now.
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