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[User Story] New Entry Point for Notifications


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User Story:
As a user I want to be able to access my list of notifications in a different method than the current downward swipe from the top of the screen so as to avoid conflict with the Rocket Bar/Task Manager.

Acceptance Criteria:
Functionality should match UX spec.
We wanted to land this behind a pref asap, so we've devised a way to do this before the UX spec comes. Our current implementation is:

1 - For swipes or taps on the left half of the status bar, we show the rocketbar.
2 - For swipes or taps on the right half, we initialize the utility bar as we do today.

It works quite well and there's probably a bunch of little tweaks to make discovery of this feature very easy.

Needs info on Francis so he is aware.
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The updated spec follows our initial implementation of supporting both tray types. While there may be slight usability/design tweaks in the future - I feel that the current implementation solves this bug.
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