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[User Story] Browser Chrome: View History


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User Story

As a user, when I launch the Browser via the icon, I want to be able to see my browsing history so that it is easy to load content that I used recently.

Acceptance Criteria:
1. Clicking on the Browser icon from the homescreen launches the Browser with history results displayed.
2. The display of history results follows the UX spec.


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As a user I want to see a list of my browsing history so I can navigate to a web page I have navigated to before.
Peter, I didn't see a bug filed for this. Is it part of the MVP for system browser? I'm not sure where it would live.
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Thanks for filing Ben.  I was expecting the UX spec to highlight if we want to keep this functionality in the new Browser.  NI on Francis.
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History is included in the browser start page. Latest UX spec (v0.11) on Box at:
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As history and top sites are current browser app features, I'm guessing they're part of the system browser MVP.
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Duplicate of this bug: 1042050
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User Story: (updated)
Keywords: productwanted
Whiteboard: [ucid:System244], [ft:systemsfe]
Component: Gaia::System::Browser Chrome → Gaia::Search
Eric/Francis - Do you guys know if we have visuals anywhere for the browser "newtab" page? This would include top sites and history. Thanks!
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These should be:

Start Page:

BTW, we've collected spec locations at for future reference
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(In reply to Francis Djabri [:djabber] from comment #7)
> BTW, we've collected spec locations at
> for future reference

Thanks! To be honest I was having a hard time looking for it, and probably missed it when scrolling past. I suppose I was searching for "browser" or "new tab" though, I should've looked for "start" I suppose. Having it in this bug will help though.
(In reply to Francis Djabri [:djabber] from comment #7)
> These should be:
> Start Page:
> Concept:
> Spec:
> BTW, we've collected spec locations at
> for future reference

that's it, thanks Francis!
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Depends on: 1053262
Target Milestone: --- → 2.1 S3 (29aug)
Just assign an owner on user story bug. Candice, feel free to dispatch the bug to engineering managers or leads if it's much better for then to own the user story bugs. Thank you.
Assignee: nobody → cserran
Assignee: cserran → dale
Dale, is this progressing?
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Yup just away to get this in for review
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A chunk of the code here is lifted from the original browser implementation, it could be cleaner but I wanted to modify as little as possible.

The rest is modifying the datastore to keep a list of visits, it prunes at 20 and only stores one per day so we have enough information to build the view, but dont have to worry about blowing up storage.

There are 2 main cleanups, the templating of the results isnt nice, and its about time we leverage the datastore in the icon helper so we can just getIcon('') from anywhere and pick up the correct icon instead of passing around the |.icons| object everywhere, but as said was a big patch already, those should be follow ups
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I think we should probably have upgrading working after having previously visited places. What do you think?
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Yeh it was working last time I tested, trying again
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This issue was since we only sync the most recent items, only the most recent visits would be stored, added |asyncStorage.removeItem('latest-revision');| to trigger a resync
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Duplicate of this bug: 1053262
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Can't leave an R+ quite yet because we've broken clearing history from the settings app. Looks like we're just doing a datastore.clear() currently, and I guess this does not delete stuff from visits?

I'm making a note to add a marionette test for this if we don't have one yet.
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Nice catch, yeh needed to clear the seperate visits index @

Feel free to assign me the marionette test
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Looks good to me. Thanks!
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> +month-2=MATCH

You should fix this, unless you plan to start calling March with a different name. 

No need to change the ID, typo is self-explanatory in the context so localizers should be able to understand it.
Verified fixed on Flame using:

Gaia   e7d31f0e9b6b19d9b484eeec8fb980718bc40d79
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Version 34.0a1
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