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B2G NFC: Enable NFC when running NFC marionette tests


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Right now if the screen is off or locked, NFC daemon will enter lower power mode(Disable discovery).

So when running marionette test for NFC, we should also unlock the lockScreen and keeps screen always on.
Duplicate of this bug: 976478
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Hi Yoshi,

I was debugging this problem today.

A change to the settings value 'nfc.enabled' should be observed by nfc_manager.js near line 144. When doing the test steps by hand, I see the event twice, once during boot, and a second time when I enable NFC in the Settings app. But when I run the test case, I only see this event at the beginning; not during the test itself. Any ideas?
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I also know this and is checking this too.

It seems before the marionette starts, some Gaia app (communication) has been killed,
and the system app is also gone, so nfc_manager cannot observe the settings change event from head.js.

One thing I also found that is System app is running on b2g process, so the process shouldn't be killed, however it is gone.
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Blocks: b2g-NFC-2.0
Blocks: 986527
No longer blocks: b2g-NFC-2.0
Summary: B2G NFC: Unlock screen when running marionette test → B2G NFC: Enable NFC when running NFC marionette tests
This might be related to bug 777840.
Depends on: 777840
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Review of attachment 8405270 [details] [diff] [review]:

If we will not use setting in test cases maybe we could remove 
  [{'type': 'settings', 'allow': true, 'context': document}], runTests);
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remove settings permission.
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